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GPA's: Irrelevant to Internship Candidates?

There are many pleasures to running a job board used by college students who are hunting for internships, recent graduates who are looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities, and the employers who want to hire students and recent graduates. One of the greatest pleasures is being able to talk with both groups and gain a better understanding into the misunderstandings held by both groups.
Let's talk about one of the greatest misunderstandings in either group: candidates who are too tempted to put all employers into one bucket. Many and perhaps most candidates that I speak with ask broad, sweeping questions about what employers want, how to apply, how to network with employers, etc. The short answer is that there is no answer. At a large employer, you have one company but you might have dozens of recruiters and hundreds and sometimes even thousands of hiring managers. Each of those people have moods, needs, and wants that sometimes shift as often as the wind does. To try to generalize how to find an internship or entry level job with even one employer is challenging enough. To try to do it with the 13 million employers in the country...well, that's ridiculous.
Let's use the issue of GPA as an example. Some employers use it as a true litmus test: they won't even talk to you if your GPA does not exceed some number. Call that smart or stupid, but I'll call that reality. Some employers will place great importance on GPA but are willing to consider candidates who exhibit other success characteristics.
An example is that of Jason Alba, President and Founder of the great career management service JibberJobber. When he was looking for a job, his GPA wasn't as high as it could have been yet he still landed the job. Why? Because he had demonstrated through his internship that he could do the work and do it well. Rather than hiring someone with a higher GPA who therefore demonstrated that they took tests really well, the employer chose to hire Jason as he had demonstrated that he could do the work of the employer really well. Wise choice.
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