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IT Jobs With Minnesota NonProfits Added

Building A Minnesota Nonprofit Volunteer Network Of Technology Professionals

Early in 2005 when I started the MN Headhunter blog I added what has become the MN Headhunter Volunteer page I was not sure what might come from it. My idea was to have a place where community organizations could post their technology needs and hopefully tech visitors to the main page would find the link, see something of interest, and take action on it.


The hard part was knowing if it was working or not. Some of the content that has been posted has come from other volunteer sites without the knowledge of the nonprofit. I have been sure to keep it up to date with the information posted on other pages.


I have written a couple of times in the past that I thought it was working. I was getting an occasional message from an individual or group regarding a successful introduction.


Since the first of the year I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from organizations saying “thank you” for helping them. Turns out some of the groups do monitor where their volunteers are coming from and my blog has been mentioned numerous times.


I have added contract, part time and full time jobs to the page and this too has been a successful effort.


Every new contact I make, be it email or a phone call, is told about the page and I ask them to forward the information to their friends and colleagues. Using Google Analytics I can make an educated guess that about 30% of the visitors are coming from a search engine referral. The volunteer page has a Google Page Rank of 4.


65% are coming directly by using the URL. My guess is that much of that comes from my contact with them. Some would be repeat visitors and it is not known what the original source was.


The interesting thing to me is about 7% of the visitors to the blog make their way to/from the volunteer page. From that and the information I am now getting from community groups is the page is having a much higher success rate than I thought. There may not yet be a high volume of traffic but those that are seeing it are taking action.


Two months ago a link was added to the Augsburg College Human Resources Volunteer Resources page. Not sure who did it but this but I appreciate them doing it.


There is a lot more that can be done with the page and now that I see the improved results coming from it there is much more motivation to continue working on it and to promote it more.


I challenge my blogging friends to do something similar.


At this point it takes maybe 1 or at most 2 hours a week. Most of that is copying, pasting, posting entries. Much of it I do while talking on the phone during the work day so it is not really taking much if any real work time.


If you would like information on what I have been doing, send me an email: 


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