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Survivor Fiji Papa Smurf Is Gary Stritesky Of Ramsey Minnesota

Gary "Papa Smurf" Stritesky of Survivor Fiji has had a building fan base online with the site and the accompanying Blog.
The web site and blog are selling t-shirts and have links to a half dozen news items on Papa Smurf. I should note that the site is not affiliated with Papa Smurf but it is the only fan page I could find.
There is also a growing effort to vote Gary Stritesky as the most popular player on the Survivor FIJI Popularity Poll. He is currently in second place.
Unfortunately in Episode 3 Papa Smurf was not feeling well and this week, Episode 4, he voluntarily left the island and is now out of the game.
If there are new stories on him I will be sure to post the links below.


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