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Lawson Software 2006 Promise To Offshore Technical Jobs Is Coming True

Sometimes a guy wishes a person or in this case company were not true to their word. After all, they take back things all the time, right?


Not with this.


The St. Paul Pioneer Press has Lawson sends jobs to Manila. I am guessing that in order for Lawson Software to compete with the big boys they are competing with in their space, including Oracle Corp, they need to trim some employee expense.


The article says 325 - 375 (I heard up to 400) technical and research and development jobs from the United and States and Europe will be sent to a new tech support center in Manila. It sounds as if most of the jobs are lower level tech support jobs.


No word yet on how many from the St. Paul headquarters will be sent to Manila but I have been told that few if any from here will be impacted.


One noteworthy piece from the article:

Moving software-development jobs overseas has been a longstanding trend in the industry, and Lawson chose the Philippines because better-known centers of software offshore outsourcing like India have become overpriced, Blake said.

There has been a growing trend in the past 16 months to find alternative locations to India because of higher employment costs and reduced retention.


How ironic…


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Don't be fooled! I work for Lawson Software. I just want to point out that they are not sending Lower level tech jobs to Manila, they are training them in highly skilled jobs that are desperately needed in our country. They told us that we wouldn't be affected, but I see that they lied. They are sending most of our modification and installation work overseas. It's backfiring on them though. The work is not up to par with the highly skilled tech workers here in America. I am disheartened by the actions of Lawson and now I know that it really is all about the bottom line and companies don't care about anything or anyone else.

Mike Clark

I am trying to find the best route to send my infomration to Lawson for sales positions. do you know a good recruiter or someone I can contact in HR.

I have worked for Sybase and Oracle

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