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Could it get any colder? Apparently yes it can and will over the weekend. Sub-zero temperatures like these have not been seen for a few years and we are not used to it.


I do have one question. How can it be possible to have zero degrees? How any can you not have any degrees? This baffles me. I know this is a measurement and some smart person will send me an email explaining it all but I will not be convinced.


Just like short selling a stock should not be possible. How can you sell something you do not own? My buddy Brian who works at UBS has been trying to explain this to me for years. Not convinced. It is an accounting scheme for traders to make money in a down market or on a volatile stock.


I appreciate the continued messages of support regarding my father. Basically he has had many health issues over the years and the risk of doing heart surgery was outweighed by possible complications. It got to the point that the risk of not doing surgery was outweighed by doing it.


My family and I are deeply appreciative of the care he received at Abbott Northwestern. The staff was awesome. My father can be a difficult patient and they worked well with him. My mom and I had many late nights over the two weeks he was there and we became very close to the staff. I do not know how they do, physically and emotionally, what they do.


The only issue I had was with one nurse who is a Chicago Bears fan. I wished her well with the game and expressed my sympathies in advance of the beating they will receive from the Indianapolis Colts. She is not aware but I have a friend in Miami and if by some freak miracle Da Bears win, he is bringing me back a Super Bowl hat for her.


I am reintroducing myself to the blog the next few days. With a high of “no degrees” I think there will be time to get caught up. So once again a warning for those with RSS readers, I plan on keeping them busy (and warm) the next few days.


Just a few links for today.


Recruiting and Careers:

I like most people most of the time. Except the annoying ones, Are You Annoying?


Speaking of annoying, Please ask me questions that I’ve already answered.


I am gathering new resources for the upcoming seminar season at the University of Minnesota. These links come in handy, How to use research as a competitive advantage in job hunting.


I have been watching The Apprentice but in my blogging absence have not posted my thoughts. Like Heather I watch it more for finding parallels to my world versus entertainment, Lessons from The Apprentice.


The Hire Sense is another career blog here in Minneapolis, Job Offer Etiquette. I find it interesting how so many employers are so casual about extending employment offers.


Dear, a great request.


Steven Rothberg,

It isn't really cold until your spit bounces. That's Winnipeg cold.

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