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Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Search And Possible Candidates

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Original Post:

As I write this a little after midnight on January 2nd and around 31 hours since the official announcement by Athletic Director Joel Maturi of the firing, I think the politically correct term may be dismissal, there have already been a number of names tossed out as potential candidates to replace former head coach Glen Mason.


As this process moves along I will continue to update the list. Some of these names are in my opinion not at all possible for the university and/or the coach but here goes and in no particular order:


-Tony Dungy. A former Gopher player. Why on earth would he leave the Colts?

-Lou Holtz. Coached here for two years between Arkansas and Notre Dame. Has sworn he has retired.

-Mike Grant. Some of Bud Grant. A local high school coach with a top program in the state.

-Marc Trestman. I lost track of where he is now. A MN native. 17+ years in the NFL.

-Dan McCarney. Recent Iowa State head coach.

-Craig Bohl. North Dakota State Head Coach. Division I-AA. Great coach. Good recruiter.

-Frank Solich. Ohio University Head Coach. Former Nebraska coach.

-Skip Holtz. East Carolina Head Coach. Lou's son.

-Joe Glynn. Wyoming Head Coach.

-Mitch Browning. Was the recent Gopher Offensive Coordinator.

-DeWayne Walker. UCLA Defensive Coordinator. A former Gopher Cornerback in the early 80's.

-Paul Chryst. Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator. Would have connections to A.D. Joel Maturi.

-Mike Tice. Former Vikings Head Coach and current Assistant Coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

-Mike Price. UTEP Head Coach.

Updated January 2nd, 5:30 pm:

Take Tony Dungy off the list, Dungy passes on college job, assistant talking to Ariz..


Updated January 2nd, 4:00 pm:

I am not a listener of talk radio but this afternoon I tuned in to KFAN, a popular Minnesota sports talk radio station, and caught the last part of an interview with Minnesota Athletic Director Joel Maturi.


From what I heard:

-Search firms have been spoken with but no group has been retained yet.

-This could be a quick search and plans to have a coach hired in 3-4 weeks. (That does not seem quick to me.)

-He has not met with Glen Mason, their conversation was over the phone.



It is about time.
Should have dismissed Mason years ago, it not that he isn’t a decent coach, but his lack of fire and lack of recruits from Minnesota doomed him to always being an also ran. I think in the right environment (not the Big Ten) Coach Mason would be a much better coach and maybe even have a shot at the title. Why not the Big Ten, he has a hard time recruiting against his alma mater and there is always been rumors he wants to bolt (interviewing for Mich State Job was the final nail). I wouldn’t be surprised to see him surface at PAC-10/SEC school very shortly.
The next coach walks into a very good situation, much better than Coach Mason would make you believe, a much easier schedule next year, a strong recruiting class of local talent, and stadium that Mason always wanted are on the horizon. Without much effort next year’s team will be 8 and 4, and with a little inspiration 9 and 3, and potentially 10 and 2. I believe that Mason would have won 8 or 9 Games.
There is an extremely long list of potential candidates and I can’t possible comment on them all.
There is little doubt that Tony Dungy is the "dream" coach for the administration. Minnesota native son returns take the helm of the Football team leading them to the promised land. The job is his if he wants it, the problem is we are not sure he wants it. A little birdy has told me that Tony is on the hot see in Indy and if the team does poorly in the playoffs it may be in his best interest to move on. I guess that means we are all Kansas City fans this weekend. Go Chiefs.
Marc Trestman is another native son who could be the next coach; he has lots of experience as an offensive coordinator and has worked with many star quarterbacks in both college and professional ranks. If he had more experience in either league, i.e. he has bounced around too much, he probably be a strong candidate. I am guessing that he gets by passed for another candidate.
Paul Chryst is the offensive coordinator of the Wisconsin Badgers and has close ties to Joe Maturi. Most people note he does not have experience as Head Coach and only recently been promoted to OC. Other than Maturi he has no ties to the University so he is guessing that it won't be Chryst.
Frank Solich is the Head Coach of the Ohio Bobcats, former Head coach at Nebraska and has one a National Title. He has had some personal problems (DWI) but believes in defense and the bruising run game.
Larry Coker was the head football coach at the University of Miami and like Frank Solich has led his team to a national title. Miami is all about speed on offensive and defense and he boosts an incredible 60-15 record as head coach. Without question he would be the number two candidate if that little brawl with Florida International didn’t occur this year. Larry will coach again, maybe even this year but not at Minnesota.
Bo Pelini is the defensive coordinator at LSU and has led some of the top defensives in college football, his name comes up often for head coaching positions but he has never gotten the job.
Joe Glenn is the head coach at the University of Wyoming and many feel a dark horse candidate for the Gopher Job. How dark is the problem, Wyoming isn’t exactly a hotbed.
Chris Petersen is the head coach at Boise State, you know those guys that one the Fiesta Bowl. Hot commodity, with absolutely no connection to the U. My guess is Boise State like Rutgers tries to lookup its coach and upgrade facilities. He stays in Boise at least one more year.
A surprise candidate that most people will over look is Paul Johnson head coach at the Naval Academy, a man who has taken a once trodden Div IAA team and been competitive every year. With high Academic Standards and Physical Fitness Standards at the Academy he has done an incredible job. His lack of connection to the University probably means he is a secondary candidate. I would not be shocked if he is offered the job third.
Rick Neuheisel, currently QB coach for the Baltimore Ravens would be a semi-surprise candidate who would be fourth on the list but I don’t think it goes that far. His ‘betting’ on college sports dooms his career, bum deal.
Others on the list: Mike Tice (no degree no job), Denny Green (not happening), Dan McCarny (no connection), Gary Barrnet (CU Scandal), Mike Price (degree scandal), Steve Mariucci (hmmm maybe),
Jeff's Guess... If Tony Dungy turns down the job after the Colts have been eliminated Frank Solich will be the Next Gopher Coach. His offensive Coordinator will be Marc Trestman and Defensive Coordinator Bo Pelini. After he thanks Brunicks and Maturi and says he is glad to be hear, he is going to say something that will schock many fans, “Aspire for a National Championship.” Not Big Ten Title, not Rose Bowl, National Championship. He won’t win one next year, but two years from now…..


There wasn't any mention of Eden Prairie High School football coach Mike Grant. Is there any reason why he couldn't do just as well as any of these small college coaches? Besides, he'd have far more leverage in trying to keep the best high school recruits in the state, than any little known coach they could dig up.

Mike from Omaha

For one, I don't think Solich is the type of coach the program wants. He is older, not very charismatic, and has zero connection to the state. He isn't much of a rah rah guy. I feel Minnesota wants a younger guy that brings some enthusiasm to the program. Solich won a NC as an assistant to Osborne, not as a HC. Why would Pelini leave LSU for the same job at Minnesota? Pelini was DC (for at least part of the time) at Nebraska when Solich was HC. Why would Trestman accept the OC job when he didn't get the HC job? I know of no connection with Solich and Trestman.


Why not Dennis Green? History with Minnesota, proven college coach (Stanford), currently looking for a job.


Say is ain't so Joe.

ESPN.com and Fox 9 are reporting that Tim Brewster, TE coach from Denver, has been hired as the new head coach. Brewster has zero head coaching experience ... wait zero coordinator experience. How do you go from Dungy to Brewster?

This has shades of a Wilf-Childress interview.

Maturi back-peddled on firing Monson after a leak, so hopefully the same will ensue with this hire.

God bless Tim, but as a season ticket holder, if he doesn't got 9-5 next year or get at top-3 Big Ten recruiting class, I'm dropping my tickets.


Never heard of this guy. Supposed to be a strong recruiter, but can he coach 'em once he gets 'em is the question. This is a big surprise. Didn't they just hire the search firm less than a week ago?


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