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Been Thinking About A MN Headhunter Job Board

When I started writing this blog in May of 2005 I have always asked people what they would like to see added to the site. Over time, it has morphed and some have called this more of a portal than a blog.


Whatever, some soda and I say pop.

All I know is I see more total visitors, a growing number of frequent visitors every month, and while comments are few the amount of email has been insane.


I am quite happy offer to offer for free the Volunteer, page to help nonprofits find volunteers and full time employees, and Recruiting Gigs for my recruiting friends to find their job pr contract.


There may be a new page, or web site, about to be born.


The past few months I have been contacted by quite a few startup and small companies looking for information technology professionals and not yet able or wanting to use a search firm guy like me.


They are not using the job boards either because of cost or because of poor results when they have used them. Some are looking for consultants, free agents, and others for full time employment.


I have been kicking around the idea of starting a job board. Something for the Twin Cities technology professionals and employers wanting to hire them.


Not so much as a “money maker” or revenue stream but as a way to help good companies find good people. If a new client or some candidates find their way to me great but if I can help the local tech companies and workers meet up, that would be good enough.


TechCrunch has this post The Job Board Bubble about the growing ease in starting a niche job board.


If the only way to use the service is to charge for ads I should be able to find a way to donate the money to local nonprofits that help train the un/underemployed or put computers in schools.


I have a few domain names I have acquired in the past year so setting up a site separate from this should be easy to do. I had thought about adding it on here but I think it makes more sense to have a separate site.


As you are reading and have an idea on how I could do something like this, or if it is needed in the Twin Cities tech market, send me an email paul@mnheadhunter.com.


Eric Yoon

hi Paul,

You can setup a job board for free using JobThread Publisher (http://www.jobthread.com/jt/home/tour_publisher.php).

Also, you don't have to charge for postings. If you do decide to charge, there is a rev share (but if you don't then the site is free).

Also, using JobThread you can band your site with other sites to create a niche network.

Feel free to get in touch with questions or just sign up and get started.

very best,

JobThread, Inc.



I will suggest you share your bright ideas with other techies at


Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

The best solution will depend upon your goals. Is it to provide the most jobs which are well targeted? Is it to maximize your revenues from candidate actions such as purchasing resume searching or requesting educational information? Is it to maximize your revenues from employer actions such as posting jobs and searching revenues? Is it to create or enhance your relationship with a job board or other partner? Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience and I'll be happy to talk through your goals and some possible solutions with you...perhaps over a burrito.

Steven Rothberg

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