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Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview

Minnesota Morning

For those reading my posts from an RSS feed I want to warn you that on Sunday and Monday, depending on how involved I get in watching the football games, I may have quite a few posts coming out.


Go Gophers!!!


Minnesota Business Scene:

-Marvin Windows and Doors give company’s third largest bonus, MARVIN WORKERS WILL GET BONUSES AVERAGING $4,505. Not exactly Wall Street but very good for Main Street.


-I received an email this evening wondering why I had not mentioned this, Swarmcast attracts $5M+ in VC. A) I thought I had. B) I make mistakes. C) This proves I take requests. If you know of a local business story that fits what I am doing here send me the information.


After realizing I had indeed missed mentioning some news items I looked through my notes and found two more:


-MN Technology rebounds, plans for growth, legislation, an example of the right leadership at the right time. A link to their web site, Minnesota Technology.


-The Week in Midwest Business: The Return of Regional VC Funding, a brief look into Midwest venture capital deals.



Minnesota Living:

-The New York Times has this article today on Minnesota politics, In Minnesota, Case Study for Political Shake-Up. Considering the current condition of the two local newspapers good thing we can rely on our friends in New York to cover this for us.



Recruiting and Careers:

Many of my blogging colleagues have been on vacation from their keyboard or are doing year end reviews, top tens, etc. I am looking forward to next week when they get back in the swing of things.

-Bosses rate themselves great; employees disagree, does this really shock anyone?



Twin Cities Blogs:


-Minnesota Monitor writes about the article New York Times on Political Shifts in Minnesota.



-Minnesota Golden Gopher Sports Blog has a historical look at Minnesota Gopher Bowl Results.



-I hate ugly web sites too. Thankfully BloggerDesign has some good ideas and links, Your Site Design Reflects Your Company.


-What Would Dad Say has 10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep.




-College football bowl season

MN Headhunter predictions, 8-4

- Independence Bowl: Alabama over Oklahoma State. My fondness for the SEC led me astray.


+ Holiday Bowl: Cal over Texas A&M. That was the Cal team we expected to see every week.


+ Texas Bowl: Rutgers over Kansas State. A shame most people could not see the game. Thanks NFL Network.


Music City Bowl: Clemson over Kentucky. I know little about Kentucky and am a fan of Clemson.


Liberty Bowl: South Carolina over Houston. I take the ‘ Ol Ball Coach every time.


Champs Sports Bowl: Maryland over Purdue. Maryland a decent team. Purdue inconsistent.


Sun Bowl: Oregon State over Missouri. Beavers all the way.


Insight Bowl: Minnesota over Texas Tech. I have actual reasons for this. Check out my Gopher Football category.


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