Minnesota Golden Gophers And Michigan State Spartans Preview And Final
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Minnesota Golden Gophers And Iowa Hawkeyes Preview And Final

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Seems like everyone born and raised in Minnesota has a relative living in Iowa. The game between Minnesota and Iowa is the last game for each team every year. A rivalry game but not nearly as bitter as the Wisconsin Badgers.


Iowa Hawkeye football has a massive following and they have two main chants during the game. “Let’s Go Hawks” which we hear all day and “I, O, W, A” after every score. Dang they can even spell.


Two chants, as simple as they are, that I hope to hear the students yell all day are “Who Hates Iowa” with a response by other students “We Hate Iowa”. And the second, “35 South” so they know how to go home after the loss. Not very high tech but if we hear them we know it has been a good day.


Good news for those on the area highways and interstate this weekend. Iowa people drive in the right lane unlike our North Dakota neighbors.


Minnesota comes in to the game with the winning streak started two games ago. Win all three, go 6-6 and get an invite to a bowl game. People will back off Mason and the seniors can feel good about how they go out.


Lose, and it will get real ugly around here.


Then there is I, O, W, A. Speaking of ugly, they were picked by the coaches and media as 3rd place in the Big Ten. Nationally they were thought to be a Top 15 team.


Whoa, look out for the falling Hawkeyes they are falling hard and fast.


I expect this to fall just short of a high scoring game. Iowa is smaller on both sides of the ball than years past. Their stud linebackers graduated last year.


Keys to this game are the same as weeks past. On offense throw the ball to open the run. Repeat after me, QB Brian Cupito to TE Matt Spaeth, and repeat often. Make your extra points. D.J. Jones gets some good returns on kicks and punts. On defense I am afraid of how many yards Tate will throw for. Not very worried about their running game. Can we get some more turnovers?


Minnesota and Iowa play for Floyd of Rosedale and this is the 100th meeting between the schools.


One last thing worth noting. A lot of us Gopher fans have been disappointed with our non-conference schedule. And more so now with the added 12th game, which will be the likes of North Dakota State.


Going in to this weekend the Gophers strength of schedule is 4th. Yes that is right, 4th in the country. With the Iowa game that will likely go down.


And to the Badger fans moaning about getting no respect. You did not play Michigan or Ohio State. Going in to this weekend your strength of schedule was near 80 and that is before you play Buffalo. Get a clue…



I am feeling very confident about this game, maybe an easy victory. I also am feeling very over confident and think I am setting myself up for a long off-season.


Iowa Hawkeye Blogs

Kinnick North, this guy lives in Minneapolis


Big Ten Predictions

Last week’s results 6-0 (30-6)

And there it is, my first perfect week!!! Can I do it two weeks in a row? (Me neither)


Minnesota over Iowa

Wisconsin over Buffalo

Ohio State over Michigan

Penn State over Michigan State

Illinois over Northwestern

Purdue over Indiana



Minnesota Golden Gophers 34 and Iowa Hawkeyes 24

I start this by saying, whew. It feels a lot better today than it did a month ago to be a Gopher fan.


The three game sweep of Indiana, Michigan State, and Iowa is complete. I have found the glass is half full optimism I admittedly lost earlier this season. And from the previous posts, damn that Kool-Aid tastes good.


To our friends from Iowa who were at the game, that was fun. It was fun to watch you be quiet most of the time. It was fun to watch you leave early. It was fun to think about your 2+ hour drive back across the border. It was fun to watch the Gopher seniors do the victory lap with The Pig.


Most of all, it was fun to think about all the trash you have been talking the past week about coming up here and kicking our butt. About how bad our team was. About how the Dome sucks. Although we do agree on that but I am sticking up for the home site.


And you lost to us. So what does that make you?


Clearly I am intending this for a few select A Holes who go online in chat forums, blogs, and yes by email and post BS.


To those that sat around me, I appreciate your ability to come here and have a good time. To be as respectful as we were. And to have a good time.


OK, enough on that. Yes, I was a little tweaked by a few Hawks fans during the week and before the game.


Besides the normal maroon and gold Minnesota gear and the black and gold of Iowa, including the black t-shirt with a picture of the Metrodome with “Kinnick North” written above it, a new t-shirt made its debut, “Fire Glen Mason”.


Hopefully for now Gopherland can be happy and content.


The defense had another big game with four interceptions and a fumble recovery including the big one at the end of the first half by Mike Sherels.


Amir Pinnix and Jay Thomas rush for 198 yards and 3 touchdowns.


On the down side Jason Giannini missed another extra point and was replaced by Joel Monroe.


All in all, a great way to end the regular season.



-This was the 100th meeting between Minnesota and Iowa with Minnesota leading the series 59-39-2.

-Attendance was 64,940.

-The senior classes of 2005 and 2006 are the only classes to see four bowl games in their career.

-Amir Pinnix crossed over the 1,000 yard milestone finishing with 1,093.

-Jay Thomas rushing touchdown makes three weeks in a row with a TD.




Amir Pinnix, 119 yards and 2 touchdowns

Jay Thomas, 79 yards and 1 touchdown



Logan Payne, 64 yards

Ernie Wheelwright, 64 yards and 1 touchdown

Matt Spaeth, 44 yards and 1 touchdown



Bryan Cupito, 18-30 for 267 yards with 1 interception and sacked 1 time



Kevin Manion, 2 interceptions

Mike Sherels, 1interception

Mario Reese, 1 interception

Willie VanDeSteeg, 1sack


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