Minnesota Golden Gophers And Indiana Hoosiers Preview And Final
Minnesota Golden Gophers And Iowa Hawkeyes Preview And Final

Minnesota Golden Gophers And Michigan State Spartans Preview And Final

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For the Michigan State Spartan football team they have a lame duck coach in John L. Smith who has been allowed to finish the season. They lost a 16-point lead and the game to Notre Dame. They overcame a 35-point deficit to beat Northwestern. Drew Stanton, Spartan Quarterback, has his last game at home in front of fans that have been strong supporters of his. Who knows which team shows up.


We have the first of three needed victories for a bowl game. Yep, still drinking the Kool-Aid.


Last week Brian Cupito had 378 yards passing with 4 touchdowns. The Spartan defense has given up 28 TD passes, most in Division 1-A. I am thinking our game against Indiana worked out the bad karma we had going on.



Not being very confident I resorted to a time honored tradition, I am picking Minnesota by way of the best 4 out of 7 coin flip. Minnesota won that 4-2. So the Gophers it is.


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Big Ten Predictions

Last weeks results 5-1 (24-6)

Iowa loses to Northwestern, oh the horrors that must be happening in Iowa City.


Minnesota over Michigan State

Wisconsin over Iowa

Michigan over Indiana

Ohio State over Northwestern

Penn State over Temple

Purdue over Illinois



Minnesota Golden Gophers 31 and Michigan State Spartans 18

The game was not on TV. ESPNU does not count as TV. Too bad, this would have been fun to watch. Although not seeing a fake punt from our own 20 something yard line was good. So we went form being conservative early in the season, to opening it up a little, to drunken driving. I apologize for the analogy but it is the best I can come up with.


Then again it is being aggressive if not a little desperate.


But we stopped them on 4th and goal. Way to go defense.


Pinnix gets tackled in the end zone for a safety, which was a bummer but after all of that we gave up two points instead of seven.


And then the defense stopped Michigan State again. Two series in a row.


The offense showed up to do its work while the defense looked awesome. Scratch that, sounded awesome. The no TV thing.


Drew Stanton was knocked out of the game, literally. I have a lot of respect for him but I do not understand how he is one of five finalists for the Unitas Award. I can name quite a few QB’s I could pick ahead of him.


Another big game for the defense. Three times they held the Spartans without a point while in the Red Zone. Two weeks in a row with a defensive touchdown.


3 rushing yards for Michigan State. Fantastic!!!



-Willie VanDeSteeg is named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week.

-Matt Spaeth is now #1 for receiving yards by a tight end.

-Bryan Cupito moves to #1, Corey Sauter now #2, for career passing yards.

-Mario Reese forced his 3rd fumble of the season ranking 4th in the Big Ten.

-Willie VanDeSteeg with a career high 4 sacks.




Amir Pinnix, 113 yards



Logan Payne, 96 yards and 1 touchdown

Matt Spaeth, 51 yards



Bryan Cupito, 16-28 for 243 yards



Willie VanDeSteeg, 4 sacks

Stave Davis, 1 fumble recovery and 1 touchdown

Dom Barber, 2 interceptions

Mario Reese, 1 sack


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