Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview
Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Glen Mason Has Been Fired

Fire Coach Glen Mason?

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, www.gopherfootballblog.com. There you will find all of the posts from this site and more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.

Up until this evening I have stated time and again that I was not in favor of firing Glen Mason. Reasons included the running of a clean program, graduating players, zero issues with players getting into trouble, and the slow but steady progress of the program.


I may change my tune.


I am trying really hard to not blog angry. Frankly, I am still shocked at what happened. The Gophers were up 38-7 with 7:47 in the 3rd quarter and fell apart.


My guess is that inside himself, Glen Mason is pretty tore up about this. My problem is that during the game there was no emotion shown by him. I am not asking for Urban Meyer or Steve Spurrier but some fire, some energy, some emotion would be nice.


After Texas Tech kicked the field goal to tie the game with no time left the most Coach Mason could muster was a brief raising of the eye brows as if to say, “Wow”.


I have issues with the ultra-conservative play calling. I have issues with the continued 3-man pass rush. I have issues with the soft zone defense. I have issues with doing the same thing on every offensive and defensive series in the second half.






This is the third major debacle under Coach Mason with the 2000 bowl game against North Carolina State, 2003 against Michigan, and this evening.


Yes a first down here, a naked bootleg there, a pass interference call not going for you, a pass interference call that went against you would likely have changed the game. It was that close.


But your team gave up 31 points in around 22 minutes of game time and you made no changes. You did nothing to help your players. Were you thinking there was no way they could come back with only a quarter and a half to play?


Coach Mason, you cannot blame this on booing fans, students who may or may not have had a beer or two, or the referees. You and your staff need to look in a mirror on this one.


Because you found this blog post you may be looking for sites that deal more with whether to fire Glen Mason or not.


Here you go:




-Fire Glen Mason Blog




-Gopher Sports Blog


As of midnight Friday none of the sites had an update but I am sure by morning the ranting will have started.


In the mean time you can look at my prediction for tonight’s game here, Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview. I called the game, the first half pretty well. I still believed. All the way until that 52 yard field goal that tied the game.


Later on Saturday evening I will do a more thorough recap of the game.



Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

Thank goodness for the Twins and the Gopher hockey team. Without the two of them, Minnesota major sports fans would have no hope.


From ESPN:

Minnesota has fired football coach Glen Mason and will announce it later Sunday, several sources said.

Minnesota athletic director Joel Maturi has called a news conference for 6 p.m. ET Sunday "regarding the future of the Golden Gopher football program."

Minnesota (6-7) lost to Texas Tech in the Insight Bowl after allowing the Red Raiders to overcome a 31-point, third-quarter deficit for a stunning 44-41 OT win on Friday night. It was the largest comeback in Division I-A bowl history.

The news release distributed by the university did not mention Mason specifically.

Mason has spent 10 seasons in Minnesota trying to rebuild a program that has long been a bottom feeder in the Big Ten.

He has made strides in several areas, turning the Gophers into one of the premier rushing offenses in the nation, but fans have been disappointed by losses in big games.

The Golden Gophers had won the last three games of the regular season to finish 6-6 and qualify for a bowl game. Mason signed a four-year contract extension worth $1.65 million annually last New Year's Eve. He led the Gophers to seven bowl games in the last eight seasons -- more than half of Minnesota's all-time 12 postseason appearances.

Joe Schad is ESPN TV's national college football reporter. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

I hope the best for you guys, though I have mixed feelings about this.

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