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This will be my first Minnesota Morning that truly was posted in the morning. Ealry morning, 3:00 am.


I have been working on a project I hope to debut after Thanksgiving weekend and it has taken up much of my free time the past couple of weeks.


In the coming hours and days I am going to be posting a lot of content by category, most of which will be links to stories I never got around to writing about. The links are interesting and I may include them in coming posts.


Then over the weekend I will catch up on the latest Minnesota news stories like the Capella IPO, Digital River back dating options scandal, and status of various Wi-Fi projects.


There have also been quite a few local and regional economic reports to comment on.


Starting this morning I am going to post the long overdue Gopher football posts. This week the Golden Gophers play the Iowa Hawkeyes. If Minnesota wins we go to a bowl game with a 6-6 record. Many thoughts on that to follow.


Quick statistic, after last weeks games the Gopher strength of schedule was #3 in the country. Yes we played some softies in Temple and North Dakota State (OK, the Bison were not exactly pushovers), Kent state is a surprising 6-5, but we also played Ohio State, Michigan, Cal, and Wisconsin.


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