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Ahh, finally Election Day. All of my political friends in the coming days will start to release the growing tension of recent weeks. It usually takes 10-14 days for the decompression phase to be completed. Looks like one set of friends will be more joyful than the other. Regardless of the winners or losers I am going to give them all a hug.


Yep, a hug. I saw this article Hug It Out, Bitch and I found my calling. OK, maybe not so much my calling but I do a feel a little inspired.


I am a big fan of live music and I have a confession to make. I watched the Country Music Awards last night and I enjoyed them. There, I feel better having disclosed that bit of information. Oh, and there was a moment when Carrie Underwood won an award and it looks like Faith Hill was not pleased. I will look for a video clip, very funny.


Minnesota Business Scene:

-On November 18th a group of companies from North Dakota will be in St. Paul to market themselves to skilled workers and focusing on those originally from North Dakota, North Dakota working hard to win back skilled workers.



Recruiting Blogosphere:

-Two days in a row for Shannon and Julian at EXCELER8ion. Top Ten Tips for Launching a Recruiting Blog is great timing for me. In the next week I am meeting with three local people who have interest in starting a blog and this post will be added to the information I am passing on. While one of them is not a recruiting blog the principles carry over into what this individual will be doing. I already had EXCELER8ion on the list of sources to read.


-I have been asked to make a presentation to a staffing organization here in Minneapolis on using social networks and blogs for business purposes. Recruiting is just a piece of it but also marketing, pr, creating a buzz, etc.


Regardless of the topic requested I have a unique response, “How “stiff” are the people who will be attending?” The response usually gets some laughter but it is meant to be serious. I have a very casual delivery and I am very informal.


I do not like standing behind a podium with my coat on. I want to walk around, ask questions, take the coat off and relax a little. And then smack, I read 5 Tips for Better Public Speaking Skills. I know I need to polish myself and be more professional. When I am with the college kids I let the language fly a little. Fortunately with the professional crowd a filter usually turns on and I do just fine.




-Minnesota Twins

Who knew a left arm could be so special. Liriano's surgery goes well


-Minnesota Timberwolves

I would guess playing 4 road games in 5 nights is not an ideal situation. In losing to Sacramento last night the Timberwolves looked completely out of sync. But after watching parts of the games so far I am fairly optimistic about their season. They certainly get up the court faster and look more athletic.


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