Minnesota Teen Pleads Not Guilty To Deaths Of Friends But Confesses On MySpace
Minnesota Morning

Minnesota Morning

We are only hours away from being able to take back our TV sets from the political commercials that have invaded our homes in recent weeks and months. I am so happy that Election Day is near. Sure there will be lots of analysis and I suppose a race or two will go onto overtime. Hopefully all of the voter machines will work as promised. I am not holding my breath.


Seems like most people I know who do not live in the political world are fatigued and just want this over with.


I for one am in that boat. I am a junky and started tuning out six weeks ago.


Minnesota Business Scene:

Last week I wrote about the presentation Mark Kurtz of MindTouch did at the VISI open house. In this article Wiki company now facing Google MindTouch competitor JotSpot has been acquired by Google. Seems to me your competitor being acquired is a good thing, validates the technology and purpose, but a bad thing in who wants to compete with Google.



Recruiting Blogosphere:

Your Employees ARE Blogging - How Yahoo Uses Employee Blogs to Recruit Talent After the first of the year you will see some MN Headhunter banner ads on different web sites in Minnesota. Some of which are free and some of which are paid for. This will be my own experiment on continuing to get the word out about the site.


Why I stopped paying attention to Alexa David Manaster at ERE with a great post on the use of Alexa stats. I watch mine as an overall trend so for that purpose it seems consistent. (Now if I could just be more consistent with posting). The part that gets me is the ranking of sites. For those communities that are more tech oriented, San Francisco as an example, do more people use the tool bar than people in Minneapolis? In ERE’s case, do fewer corporate visitors use the Alexa tool bar because they are using machines at work? I do not know but I am curious. And yes, I do remember Techies.com.


I hate my recruiter While I almost always side with candidates when they say that response time is slow or that the interviewing process is unknown I do like to remind them now and again what it is like on the other side of the phone. Sure this example from Microsoft is a bit extreme but it does give you a bit of an “Inside Baseball” look.




-Gopher Hockey, Men

The #2 ranked Gophers go to UMD and sweep the Bulldogs for the first time since 2000.


-Minnesota Vikings

I missed most of the 9-3 loss to the 49ers. Dang, I could have used a nap.


David Manaster

I'm glad someone else remembers Techies.com - I'm starting to feel like an old-timer!

There is another Alexa-like service that a friend turned me on to after I posted on the subject. It's at http://www.compete.com, although I have no real reason to believe that it is any better than Alexa.

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