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2 entries in 10 days, that’s a crappy record when you are starting something new but I am catching up. I told myself I was not going to bed until I finished this. It was 3 am. I went to bed at 4 am. I woke up at 9 am. Then work got in the way. I could be a much better, more prolific blogger if I could get rid of the day job…


Last week I promised some thoughts on the local political scene. I have even more links and larger soapbox for my politics posting. I am way more irked than I was then.


Here is the teaser, who the hell picks these people to run? We should start analyzing that process a little bit.


Minnesota Business Scene:

-I had a great time at the VISI open house last night. I heard the opening greeting from Mike Sowada who spoke about the growth VISI has been experiencing. Look for more news from VISI in 2007 with more offerings, space, and a third data center.


Lee Odden spoke about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and gave ideas on things to work on and myths too.


Mark Kurtz gave a Wiki 101 crash course and introduced us to a product they have released and that is hosted by VISI.


-I left the open house early to head to the U of M St. Paul campus to hear Professor John Riedl speak about the importance of online social networks. He spoke about a lot of things that really got me thinking. Equally insightful was the Q&A that centered on the good and bad of online socializing and how that impacts individuals and society.


In attendance was the third, but until recently little known St. Paul native, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim.


-Sun Country friendly takeover by the Petters Group Worldwide and others is allowed by the U.S. DOT, New Sun Country owners aim high. I did not know Sun Country was the #2 carrier of Twin Citians. (Is that a word? Apparently not)



Recruiting Blogosphere:

-More on using facebook et al. in recruiting and hiring

Great, now the kids are creating fake profiles.


-The Five Basic Rules of Technical Recruiting

I cannot believe we still are talking about this. I have never been a big fan of barriers to entry but there does need to be some sort of “cost” (license, bond, training, etc) to getting into this business. The State of Minnesota used to require a license and bond until around 2001.


-A MySpace Just for High-Level Contract Workers

This is something I can get into.



University of Minnesota:

-Two weeks ago I attended the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood association meeting and participated in conversation on the impact the university has on the surrounding communities. U's neighbors discuss impact is in the paper today. Next week the preliminary results will be reviewed. The meeting is open to the public:


Thursday, November 9

5:30 pm

Radisson Hotel, Nolte Room

615 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis


-I have been talking about this quite a bit when I am at the U of M and in meetings with business folks that we need to get heavily involved in helping kids experience that science and math are fun. This from the Minnesota Daily, Children learn about nanotechnology. Here is a link to FIRST Lego League.


-12 Minnesota colleges and universities released the latest study on their students, Smoking down, drinking steady at U, study says.




-Minnesota Vikings

Looks like the rumors of a Vikings stadium remaining in Downtown Minneapolis are gaining ground. Or, where there is smoke there is fire. Wilf weighing his stadium options


-College Football

I was very wrong in my prediction of West Virginia kicking Louisville around. Brohm, Cards make BCS statement with win over Mountaineers Very, very wrong. I usually pick the underdog, particularly when playing at home. Love to see the students take the field in an upset or big victory.


-Minnesota Wild

Wild stay on top of the Northwest Division with a record of 10-2, Wild 5, Canucks 2.


-Gopher Hockey, Men

With the #2 ranking and a record of   the Gopher men have a weekend series with 


-Minnesota Twins

You and I may get a second opinion. If you are a promising young pitcher you leave no rock unturned, Liriano to get fourth opinion.


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