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Minnesota Golden Gophers And Ohio State Buckeyes Preview And Final

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Before getting into this weeks game there is another Coach Mason quote worth talking about. At the North Dakota State post game press conference he said:

"This is the kind of game that puts a smile on your face. When you're out coached and outplayed and still win."

It’s just not worth getting a rant over other than to say this, maybe we do need to reconsider his employment.


It’s been a while since I have said this and mostly because I have been bitter with the coaching staff. I believe before every season we are going to the Rose Bowl and each Saturday we will win the game, or at least have a chance.


This week is an exception.


I heard that some players were using the analogy that if the Bison were able to keep it close with the Gophers that the Gophers can keep it close with the Buckeyes?


Huh? What? Speechless…


Coach Mason heads back to his alma mater. For those that do not know our wide receivers coach Luke Tressel is Ohio State football Head Coach Jim Tressel’s son.


Here is my hope for the game today, that our team plays respectable football. We have 18 some players from the state of Ohio on our team and most of them would like to have been given an invitation to play in Columbus.


We played well at the Metrodome last year and ran up a lot of yards on the then #1 defense on the country


With guys like Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr., Anthony Gonzalez and James Laurinaitis (another Minnesota kid that got away) my feeling is that Ohio State could take on the worst team in the NFL and stick with them for the 1st half. After that the size and speed of the NFL team would do them in.


Matt Spaeth has suffered a severe shoulder injury and could be out for the season. He will be replaced with Jack Simmons.


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Last weeks results 5-1 (14-4)


I thought I was going to have my first 6-0 weekend but Northwestern surrendered the largest comeback in Division I-A history. The positive side is that the Minnesota and Ohio State game of 1989 comes off the record books as tied for the largest comeback.


Ohio State over Minnesota

Michigan over Northwestern

Wisconsin over Illinois

Indiana over Michigan State

Iowa over Northern Illinois

Purdue over Penn State



Minnesota Golden Gophers 0 and Ohio State Buckeyes 44


My gut reaction to this one is a little sarcastic and yes I know Ohio State is #1 in the country. Here goes…


MEDIC!!! We need a medic over here. They have at best a faint pulse and shallow breathing. Where did our offense go? Has anyone seen them? OK, I feel better now.


Today I was reminded why even though we do not have the greatest team I like our team. I like their character on and off the field. I like them as students and people. I like that they played hard.


I hope that for all of those who said bad things about Dominic Jones after the fumble in the Penn State game saw his play yesterday. He came to play. He had a couple of nice plays on Ted Ginn and he had an awesome hit on Ray Small.


After knocking Small on his back Jones celebrated with his teammates until he saw that Small was not just down, he was out. Jones settled himself and took off his helmet and looked on as the Buckeye trainers took care of Small. Once Small sat up Jones went over too him and offered him a hand in respect. Dominic Jones, class act.


Now having seen Ohio State, Michigan, and Cal and watching most if not all of the highly ranked teams on TV there is no doubt in my mind Ohio State is #1.




Amir Pinnix, 46 yards



Jack Simmons, 48 yards



Bryan Cupito, 13-25 for 120 yards and 3 interceptions, sacked 2 times



Steve Davis, 1 sack


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