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Minnesota Golden Gophers And North Dakota State Bison Preview And Final

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In order to have bought a ticket to the Iowa game one had to buy a ticket to the North Dakota State Bison football game. From a ticket sales viewpoint that makes sense. Milk the Hawkeyes for some more cash besides what they will spend at the Mall of America.


But how “green” will the Dome be on Saturday? My brother has decided not to drive from Alexandria for fear of running into a North Dakota traffic jam on Interstate 94. While I am thinking about it this is a public service message for those from North Dakota. The left lane is a passing lane. Not a cruising lane. Not a lane to drive at various speeds while on your cell phone.


Thank you.


A lot of people have been saying this is a no win situation for the Gophers. Win big, no one cares. Lose, and those living in the maroon and gold world will implode.


The Bison are ranked in the top 10, 6 I think, in 1-AA. They have a good team and quite a few of their players could see playing if they played for Minnesota and other large schools.


My concern is the hangover or now funk we seem to be in will carry into this week or worse yet completely over looking this game and to Ohio State.


The Gophers will be wearing 1960’s era jerseys. Lets hope we play that way Saturday and the rest of the season.


Trumaine Banks is out for the season after breaking his arm against Wisconsin. Dominic Jones will be moved from Strong Safety to Cornerback with Duran Cooley taking Banks spot.


North Dakota State Football Blogs

None that I could find


Big Ten Predictions

Last weeks results 4-2 (9-3)


Minnesota over North Dakota State

Ohio State over Indiana

Michigan over Iowa

Wisconsin over Purdue

Northwestern over Michigan State

Penn State over Illinois



Minnesota Golden Gophers 10 And North Dakota State 9


A disclaimer. In 1982 when the Gophers moved to the Dome my father purchased 2 season tickets. I have seen many, many odd games (Wisconsin, Purdue, and Ohio State are the usual suspects) over the years. I have seen the Gophers be blown out (Oklahoma and Nebraska come to mind) and give it to others.


In all of this time I have missed only 10 games all due to being sick with one thing or another and this years Temple game for the funeral of my grandma. I have missed a few weddings of family members but made it the receptions. My family and friends know where my commitment is on Saturdays in the fall when the Gophers play at home.


I did not attend the game against North Dakota State for no reason other than I did not want to. I was behind in work, had not slept much during the week, and frankly did not care about the game. I did make sure I gave my tickets to a friend and his son and yes they are Gopher fans. I would never give my tickets to someone not wearing the maroon and gold.


As for the game itself (I did watch it on TV) worse than winning big or losing is what happened. Gopherland in celebration after a blocking a Bison field goal to not lose the game just does not look or feel good.


As the Gophers made their way off the field the students made a point to cheer for their peers but as the coaching staff made their way to the tunnel the boo’s were heard again. Maybe now Coach Mason understand who the fans are frustrated with and who they think should be held accountable for the season.


I understand that during the game when the student section started the “Fire Mason” chant the U of M Marching band would start playing to drown out the students. Hmmm, I would like to know who came up with that plan.


62,845 was the paid attendance and from what I saw on TV and heard from those at the game, at least half were cheering for the Bison. I hate to say this but I feel bad for the Bison. They were the better team.




Amir Pinnix, 97 yards and 1 TD



Matt Spaeth, 49 yards



Bryan Cupito, 10-24 for 150 yards and sacked 2 times



Willie VanDeSteeg, 1 sack

Todd Meisel, 1 sack

Neel Allen, 1 sack

Jamal Harris, 1 interception


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