Minnesota Golden Gophers and Penn State Nittany Lions Preview And Final
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Minnesota Golden Gophers And Wisconsin Badgers Preview And Final

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Oh how I have a bad feeling about this one. Sort of like waking up the day after drinking Leinenkugel’s and sausage filled with cheese. Not that I have ever consumed anything like that, the beer yes the sausage/cheese no. But in keeping with the Wisconsin Badger football theme…


I have an emotional hangover from last week. Seems like most Gopher fans do too. And here we go to “Mad Town” where we seem to not do so well.


As a side note I am growing tired of watching native Minnesotans play football for other teams. This week we get to see John Stocco (Holy Angels) for the last time. He has looked good wearing the red and having Bucky Badger “high five” him all the time. If I remember correctly he was not recruited by Minnesota.


And how about that Wisconsin band? On probation including hazing allegations. Very nice. Maybe they should do a take off of Girls Gone Wild. Maybe, Badgers In The Wild.


Minnesota and Wisconsin play for Paul Bunyan’s Axe. This is the 116th meeting between the schools and the longest continuous rivalry in NCAA I-A football. I think Lehigh and Lafayette have played 1 or 2 years longer in I-AA.


While fishing on Lake Minnetonka my buddy Brian took my by this house:




I hate to say this but I think Wisconsin will win easily but hopefully not in a blow out.


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Big Ten Predictions

Last week’s results 5-1, my Gophers let me down but the Hoosiers helped out.


Wisconsin over Minnesota

Michigan over Penn State

Ohio State over Michigan State

Northwestern over Purdue

Indiana over Iowa

Illinois over Ohio



Minnesota Golden Gophers 12 and Wisconsin Badgers 48


Wow, that was a lot of fun to watch. This game became so bad that the game announcers had a split screen with the in studio guys and talking about other things while showing Gophers and Badgers playing. To make it worse for us Gophers fans, or more like taking us out of our misery, they switched to another game.


For as many points as Wisconsin put on us the stat sheet, 400 total yards, was not that glamorous.


I have very little to comment on except for the Mario Reese celebration. So we blocked a kick and returned it for 2 points. He dove in the end zone a la Reggie Bush. I like enthusiasm. I like having energy. Dude, we were getting our Gopher tail kicked up and down the field. The celebration was not necessary.




Amir Pinnix, 97 yards and 1 TD



Matt Spaeth, 42 yards

Eric Decker, 26 yards



Bryan Cupito, 13-28 for 94 yards, 1 Interception and sacked 3 times



Steve Davis, 1 sack

Todd Meisel, 1 sack





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