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Coach Glen Mason Comments

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Updated January 2, 2007 at 2:00 am:

Since this post Coach Glen Mason has been fired.


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Original Post:

As if we needed any more controversy around the coach and his staff, Coach Mason decided he wanted to get some things off of his chest.


Or as I would call it, he decided to stick his foot in his mouth.


I do not think Coach Mason should be fired but I do think he needs to get a public relations person and work on his people skills. When John Gutekunst and Jim Wacker were fired people felt bad they were leaving. They made a connection with the fans, university and media.


Not Coach Mason.


Here is what he had to say at his Tuesday, October 17 press conference:

“If you're mad at the coach, whatever, but those kids are your team,' Mason said. 'What I really like to say is, fine, if you don't like me that's one thing. But do you love the Gophers? Are you really a Gopher fan? Now ask yourself that question. Because you can't be doing some of the things if you are. You can't because those are kids out there. You ought to be supporting those kids. Even though you might not be yelling their name it affects them negatively. I don't think that's very smart.”


"We serve alcohol in that stadium. Not many college stadiums do that. I was at one game, looking up there, I thought, 'Where's Fox News? There's a lot of underage drinking out there because I know that guy ain't 21."

HEY COACH!!! Most of the people booing were season ticket holders and they were booing you and your coaching staff. Any person with common sense, including your players, knows whom they were booing. The students were not chanting, “Fire Our Players”, they were chanting “Fire Mason”.


Hey buddy, that’s you.


You might not want to throw your players under the bus like that unless you want an "accidental" football dinging you off the side of your head in practice.


Coach Mason, you are making it hard for us devout followers of the Gopher football program to support it. I am tired of taking crap for being a fan.


To the drinking of students, now you are showing how out of touch you are. Do the demographics and you would know that most of the students are not 21. The Metrodome does a good job asking for ID’s.


And how the heck can most college students afford $6 a beer?


Are some drinking before the game? I would bet they are. But you make it seem like the kids are crazy out of control. Only with you Coach are they getting that way.


Either you do not understand the community in which you live and coach or you do not care. Either way, shame on you.


Someone get Coach Mason some PR help and quick.


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