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Tracking Your Job Search

When I am speaking with someone about their job search the question I love to ask is this, “Who have you sent your resume to and when?”


90%+ of the time I get a blank stare or if a phone conversation, that long awkward pause.


In my head I am thinking, “What do you mean you don’t know?” but I try not to let it out.


To do en effective job search you need to be able to track some basic things like:

-Company you sent the resume to, to whom, date and time

-Contact information of the person sent to including name, phone number, and email address

-Logging email and phone calls.

-Scheduling follow-up actions.


There are four options that I like best:

-Create a hard copy form to fill out

-Create an Excel spreadsheet with specific fields to enter information

-Create an actual database of some sort, Access for example

-Use software that specializes in this. The Job Tracker and Jibber Jobber are the best I have found so far.


For ideas on fields to create you can see this Sample Job Lead Follow-Up Log.


Next week I will profile The Job Tracker and Jibber Jobber.


I highly recommend both of the products not only for a current job search but to save and store information for future searches. To recreate the wheel before each search is time consuming.


It does not matter how many jobs you apply for, networking connections made, or people you speak with if you are not keeping track of when to do what activities.


Jason Alba

Paul, thanks for the mention of JibberJobber as one of the best that you've seen. I happen to agree with you ;)

I just checked out the Job Tracker's site and it seems to be a very well thought out and comprehensive system. It is good to see talented people like Molly put their skills to use in this area of helping people with tools like this. There is a lot of common ground that I see between the plights of Molly, Simon and others that have systems like this (including me) which is:

WE WERE FRUSTRATED!! Information on "how to" and even the Job Lead Follow-up Log just didn't do the job... thank goodness for the internet as a medium where Joe Job Seeker could get tools like JibberJobber for little-to-no cost.

One quick note, as I read your intro... for someone that is "passively" looking for a job - that is, a resume here, a resume there, it ain't that big a deal. But when you are seriously looking for a job and spending 4 - 8 - 10 hours every day this is a HUGE deal!

Anyway, again, thanks for the timely post. By the way, Christmas is coming... aren't there statistics on the rise of decline of layoffs/job loss during this time of the year?

Steven Rothberg,

For job seekers who have already submitted applications and now want to track those applications, it is easy enough to get organized moving forward but many aren't clear how they can go backwards and find the jobs to which they've applied. Most of the bigger job boards keep a list of the jobs to which you've applied. Just log into your accounts and take a look. Then add those to your new list.

Great suggestion, Paul!

MN Headhunter, Paul DeBettignies


No need to thank me and I look forward to writing more about you and Jibber Jobber.

FYI, Job Tracker is run by Jim Kridel, Molly's husband. Jim has been an entrepreneur for many years and saw a need for such a system from the work Molly does and her job search experience.

Molly is the President of Ambient Consulting, a Twin Cities based IT consulting firm.

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