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I had a meeting with a new client this week. One of the questions I was asked (seems like this is asked every time) is do I use the job boards to recruit candidates. The short and easy answer is no I do not. But that is not the whole answer and it reminded me of an article on ERE a few days ago What do you really use Job Boards for?.


The whole answer is this; no I do not recruit people who post their resume online today. I leave that to my clients.


A client should not pay me a fee for someone they can find on their own. Saying that, I do crawl the job boards and here is why…


-Most people post their resume when they want a job. Usually they want it right now. A person who posted their resume two years ago and got a job likely pulled their resume from the site. They are now a networking source and could be a passive candidate.


-Remember that candidate you saw a year or more ago that was just not quite experienced enough? I bet they are now.


-If you are recruiting web developers at the moment but know that business analysts are on your radar screen in 60 days, reach out to those that have posted their BA resume. Will they be available in 60 days? Doubtful although they may not have found the right fit and be available after all. Will they be a networking source in 60 days? Absolutely. Build a relationship with these folks now so when they make a change 2-3 years from now they remember who you are.


So how do you go about staying in touch with these people? Create a newsletter or other sort of email list. Send an email once a quarter or twice a year. However many times it takes for the receivers to remember who you are.


Using a newsletter service allows you to know how many people have viewed the message, how many forwarded it on, manages bounced email addresses, and allows the receiver to update their information.


I use Constant Contact. There are others but this has worked best for me.


This type of recruiting and networking takes a lot of time but you already paid thousands of dollars for your subscription, why not use it to its full potential?


One last point to this, I have found that it is easier to go back and find those that have posted their resume before and generate leads than being one of four search firms, three consulting firms, and 5 companies all trying to recruit the same person hours after they posted their resume online.


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