San Francisco Trip Day 1
San Francisco Trip Day 3, More Sight Seeing

San Francisco Trip Day 2, Minnesota vs Cal

After sleeping in a little bit Jason, Dan and I headed out for brunch. I took this picture from Peidmont, as we were hopeful the fog was going to break and it did look a little brighter:







Besides, Dan told me not to worry. The weather is always better in Berkeley.


We then headed over to the Cal campus. Jason, Dan and I were pledge brothers of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at the University of Minnesota. When Jason and I make these trips we try to pick a game where the school has a Deke chapter.


We found the Cal Deke’s. They have a great location on the opposite corner to the stadium so we pulled in and asked if we could park there. After explaining who we were their response was, “Absolutely, and the beer is inside.” Ahh, just like home.


There were not many guys around as it was still early so we took a quick tour of the chapter house:







Outside they had their drinking table ready for the pre-game festivities:







We then headed to a reception held by the University of Minnesota Alumni Association and Goal Line Club. I was not yet ready for the game but seeing the maroon and gold fans got me going:







Goldy helped:







The best motivator was this one. It is a picture of student’s window across from the reception:







After eating, meeting some friends, having a beer or two (I swear that’s all I had), and hearing from among others President Bruininks:







We headed back to the Deke house to meet the guys. Their “preparations” for the game were in full swing:







There was the friendly shake, offering of the beer (I said no, really I did), Deke talk, and then once the formalities were over with the friendly trash talk between the Golden Bears and Golden Gophers began. Cal was just coming off their loss to Tennessee the week before and the fall from the Top 10.


We took amore extensive tour of the chapter house and found that they have an amazing view and a really cool mural:







After meeting some of their alumni we decided to head to the stadium. Not a far walk by any means but, umm, it was steep:







I took some pre-game pictures:







Cal started with the ball and was held to a three and out. Minnesota started on their own 29 yard line and marched down the field, scoring in our end of the field:







But no, wait. They ruled Alex Daniels knee was down at the one-foot mark. I included that picture because on the TBS telecast they had a three second clip of the Minnesota fans cheering. It shows about 10 rows of happy maroon and gold clad people including in the second row of the picture Jason yelling and clapping and me taking that picture.


Minnesota does score on the next play so all went well:







Because Minnesota dominated Cal on that drive many of the Gopher fans started chanting, “You can’t stop us. You can’t stop us.” That seemed a little premature although it was nice to hear the optimism. The Cal student sections certainly looked a little concerned:







Cal went on to tie the game and then take a 14-7 lead. On the kickoff following the second Cal touchdown Dominic Jones returned it for a 99-yard touchdown. It happened quickly and with the camera in my pocket I missed it. Here’s a pic from the replay in the stadium:







After a few punts by each team Cal took a 21-14 lead and then a 28-14 lead. A late second quarter drive by the Gophers stalled and Jason Giannini kicks this field goal (off the upright but through) to make it 28-17 at the half:







And that’s as good as it would get. The scoreboard continued to move for Cal:







The fog started coming back fast and thick (compare these two picks with the one before the game started):







Final score Cal 42 and Minnesota 17.


We went back to Deke to catch the end of the Ohio State vs. Texas game and other scores from the day.


We had a good day except for the game and the weather. Jason had to remind that we were in the Bay Area, at Berkeley watching a game outdoors and that was good enough for him. Apparently his glass was half full and mine was half empty.


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