Good Morning San Francisco
San Francisco Trip Day 1

MN Headhunter Where Have You Been

Whoa, I had no idea I would be missed. I have had a lot of information to post the past two weeks but have not been able to get to it.


I was working a lot before the trip to the Bay Area for the Minnesota vs. Cal game. While there my grandma passed away so last week was spent making arrangements and spending time with my mom.


Now I am trying to catch up on work and will then get back to the blog so for those reading the RSS feed do not be surprised if one of the next three mornings you wake up a bunch of material from me.


More in the next days…


Jason Alba

Hey Paul, good to see you back... I've been checking in regularly to see what's new and wondering if you got lost in the trolley system of SanFran. Or if you made so much money as a recruiter that you took one of those famous English vacations!

Anyway, anxious to here what you have next... its always something good!

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