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Good Morning San Francisco

That's what I get for forgetting to spell check before posting...


We had a good flight from Minneapolis last night and made our way to our friend's house. This being my first trip to the Bay Area it feels a little foreign to me but I look forward to getting out this morning and doing what a tourist does.


How does one dress for sightseeing? Staring with 50 degrees and fog knowing it will lift sooner or later. Bring a change of clothes with I guess.


I have a great quote from buddy Jason as we were driving in last night from the airport. Being new to town and driving by map we were following very close to the speed limit which at that time was 65.


People are whizzing by us (like as in a blur) and Jason says, “F*** that’s just crazy”.


For those looking for the employment statistics from the last week I will be behind on them until later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Go Gophers…


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