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Truth Or Dare

This post comes courtesy of the Recruiting.com Blog Swap. Claudia Faust writes the Improved Experience blog. Claudia is also the Founder of Improved Experience, a third-party research company that provides customer-specific business intelligence.

Here’s the Truth part.  You’re sitting around having a beer with your friends after work and discover that someone at the table has the exact skills that your boss is trying to hire into your development team.  You like this person, think they’ve got both talent and potential, and know you’d work well together.  Do you say:


(a)    “You really ought to come to work for my company!”

(b)   “You really ought to meet my boss!”

(c)    “You really ought to be glad I won’t pass your resume on!”


Referring others to your company for hire can seem like a slow and painful way to make a buck - if they pay you for it at all.   Which is why most people I know don’t do it for the money.   To be honest, referring talent is bit like volunteering in your community…you do it for lots of reasons, but money isn’t usually one of them.


Not every charity is worthy of your time – and not every company is worthy of your friends (read the end of this post if you think you’re working for one of those).  But for companies that do take care of their own, in the spirit of volunteering we recommend the following "Top Five Reasons To Introduce Your Friends":


  1. My existence here makes a difference.  And if I can make a difference here, think of what we could do together.
  2. I want to give something back.  My company has done a lot for me – opened doors in my career, invested money in my training, and given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had somewhere else.  They believe in me…when was the last time you said that about your job? 
  3. I want to be part of a team with common interests.  We’re already friends.  This team would ROCK if you were a part of it.
  4. I want to promote my business.  I am part of an amazing company that deserves a chance to be seen and heard.  I’m telling you so you can turn around and tell somebody else about it too. 
  5. I love what this company does.  This product, this service, this connection with our customers…that is why I’m here.  We’re changing the world, one customer at a time.

It’s a great thing to like the company you work for.


If that isn’t your story (I'm guessing that you're the one who answered (C) above), then it’s time for the “Dare” part of this post.  Dare to find a job you love this much.  Or, dare to work toward solving the problems in your company that will make it the kind of job you love this much.  Either way, you win.  Happy recruiting!


Karen Mattonen


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