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Radio Shack, You Have Email And No Job

Radio Shack laid off 400 employees by email this week. I understand that they announced the pending layoffs on August 10th and that they said it would happen electronically with most cuts coming at the headquarters in Forth Worth, Texas. The staff was sufficiently prepped.


Still, what are these executives thinking? Were they trying to save printing costs so they decided email was a cheaper alternative?


This is absurd. You would think that after the Northwest Airlines debacle, which happened while plans were being made for the layoff, Radio Shack would have rethought their plan.


Nope, apparently common sense is nowhere to be found in the northern or southern parts of Middle America.


Yes they gave what looks to be a good severance package including 1-3 weeks for every year worked up to 16 weeks for hourly employees and up to 36 weeks for staff making at least $90,000 a year.


That’s admirable but that does not make the message itself any less absurd. It screams that the company is insensitive. Yeah the cash is great but tell it to my face. Take five minutes of your time.


Can you imagine knowing a layoff notice is being sent at 8:45 am on Tuesday, getting to work, and cautiously opening your email? Hey, your one of the lucky lottery winners, get your check and go home.


At least they did treat everyone equally from file clerks to a vice president. Like that makes it any better.


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