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MN Headhunter Article In Minnesota Business

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from the article and I want to thank Todd Messelt, a local freelance writer, for his effort. Minnesota Business is a great publication and for many years has introduced the Minnesota business community to new ideas, companies, and people.


I know some of you have been waiting to read the article and have been wondering why I have not posted it here. Well, I have learned that each magazine has different policies on reproduction.


In order to post the article I need to purchase a text only e-print for $995. This gives me electronic rights to the article. They also do have a design team that can do some pretty cools things in creating a marketing piece that I can use in print and email. That cost starts at $1,495.


That is something I had planned on doing in the next couple of months but had not budgeted for now.


So if you would like to see the article soon you have three choices:          


-Already have a subscription

-Buy it off the rack

-Click back issue to order directly from them.


The Minnesota Business web site is not an option as you need to be a subscriber to see content.

IT Jobs With NonProfits

The following new full time IT jobs have been added on the Volunteer Page:


IT Coordinator 


Data Base Application Specialist 


IT Application Release Manager



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New Recruiting Gigs Added

The following new Recruiting Gigs have been added:


Technical Recruiter, LogiSolve


Regional Recruiter - Corporate Recruiter, Select Comfort


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July '06 Job Scene, National

Today the July employment numbers were released showing a much weaker than expected increase of 113,000 jobs. The unemployment rate unexpectedly rose .2% to 4.8% with 200,000 new jobless workers. May and June numbers were revised +11,000. Speculation is that a softening employment market will allow the Federal Reserve to halt its two-year increase of the interest rate.
Professional and business +43,000
-Computer systems design +12,000
-Architectural and engineering services +10,000
-Management and technical consulting +6,000
Leisure and hospitality +29,000
Health care +23,000
Mining +8,000
Construction +6,000

Manufacturing -15,000

Average hourly earnings were up .4% from the estimated .3%. Wages are up 3.8% over the previous 12 months.
National job gains:
December '05, 145,000
January '06, 154,000 (revised) 170,000 (first reported)
February '06, 200,000 (revised again) 225,000 (revised) 243,000 (first reported) 210,000 (consensus number)
March '06, 175,000 (revised again) 200,000 (revised) 211,000 (first reported) 190,000 (consensus number)
April '06, 126,000 (revised) 138,000 (first reported) 200,000 (consensus number)
May '06, 100,000 (revised again) 92,000 (revised) 75,000 (first reported) 175,000 (consensus number)
June '06, 124,000 (revised) 121,000 (first reported) 185,000 (consensus number)
July '06, 113,00 (first reported) 142,000 (consensus number)
National unemployment rates:
December '05, 4.9%
January  '06, 4.7%
February '06, 4.8%
March '06, 4.7%
April '06, 4.7%
May '06, 4.6%
June '06, 4.6%
July '06, 4.8%

Big Day For MN Headhunter Courtesy Of Minnesota Business And

On a morning when I went to bed at 2 am and woke up at 6:30 am, did not shower, put the hat on the head, and slowly walked in to the office this morning, I find myself feeling a little weird.


I received an email this morning from a friend of mine who has been a mentor of sorts for me over the past few years. He’s a smart guy and handles his business with the highest of ethics. Very well liked he is.


I nicknamed him “Big Dog” one day. I said one day when I grow up I hope I can follow the path he has created. He has had a significant impact on me and I want to thank him for that. He sent me this email this morning:

"Now look who is famous.  It was a great article in the Minnesota Business magazine.  You are officially a “Power Player”.  I can say that I knew you when you were still a bum."

Big Dog, I am still a bum. We have not had our breakfast chat in a few months and I am hoping you have some time to catch up.


Then I hop on this morning like I do a couple of times day to see what my fellow bloggers are talking about. I saw this really funny blog title Shally Sucks -- Resumes and literally choked on my Dr. Pepper. (Dr. Pepper is my version of the morning coffee) Our Canadian colleague certainly has a knack for getting peoples attention.


I scrolled back up to the top of the page and there I am courtesy of Jim Durbin. I very much appreciate Jim sending me some love about the blog. I have said it many times here and likely a few more. Jim has been very good to me. Around this time last year he called me and did an introduction and we became friends right away. He gave me some ideas about the blog and I used most of them. I used the rest later when I realized he was right.


The work he and Franki did for me was top notch. I have a message to return today by a fellow blogger who wanted to know about my blog, how the process was, and how it was working with them. I am biased in my response. If you are thinking about starting a blog or doing a redesign send Jim an email and pick his brain apart. He’s very easy to speak with and certainly has the knowledge. Then ask to speak with Franki. She has an energy about her that is contagious.


It may seem like I am sucking up but I take very seriously the relationships I have. When I use the word friend I mean it. The saying you can judge a man by the friends he keeps is very true. I am very fortunate to have people I can trust and turn to. I hope they know the same goes for them.


I am off to the bookstore to pick up all of the copies I can of Minnesota Business…

Hudson Compensation And Benefits Report, IT Professionals Highlighted

Earlier this summer the Hudson Employment Index released Transforming Pay Plans: 2006 Compensation and Benefits Report. I do not remember this getting much if any print so here goes…


10,000 US workers from all sectors were asked polled. Here two results from the whole survey:

"Three out of four (72%) U.S. workers claim to be very or somewhat satisfied with their compensation, a large portion (44%) of the same sample say they would change their mix of cash and benefits if they could."


"Given their choice of unconventional benefits, most employees would select a more flexible work schedule (33 percent) or additional family benefits (22 percent), including parental leaves and personal days, over job training (13 percent) or supplemental insurance (16 percent)."

They have the compensation package split in three areas:


Cash - salaries, bonuses, commissions, variable pay


Benefits - health, retirement, paid time off


Non-financial – work/life balance, rewards, recognition, flex-time, career development, supplemental insurance


More on this can be found in the executive summary.


As for the information technology professionals, if you are trying to recruit new staff and retain the ones you have there is some good information. For the most part the IT respondents were inline with the overall average except for:

In general, how satisfied are you with the compensation and benefits you currently receive? IT 78% vs. All 72%.

Will your overall cash compensation this year be higher than last year, lower than last year, or about the same as last year? Answer “higher”. IT 57% vs. All 41%.


When was the last time you received a raise? Answer “< 6 months”. IT 46% vs. All 33%.

Do you participate in your company’s health insurance plan? Answer “Yes”. IT 84% vs. All 62%.

Which of the following best describes your retirement plan at work? Answer “Employer Matches or Contributes”. IT 71% vs. All 47%.

Those in IT had a higher percentage of raises based on their performance than others.


Over all IT professionals are satisfied, 78%, with their compensation than the average, 72%.


So what does this mean? Salary used to be the main compensation driver for most IT people. Now there are other things like paid-time off and flexible schedules.


This is good news for employers who may not have the biggest budgets but have the ability to take care of their employees in other ways.

Small Times Releases University Nanotech Survey And Venture Capital By State

The May/June issue of Small Times has the second annual survey of universities and rank them in nine categories. The University of Minnesota ranks #2 in Industrial Outreach and #9 in Research.

"The university’s key strengths are nanostructures developed through its chemical engineering and materials science department, and particle instrumentation. The university’s near-term strategy is to build on these two strengths to develop an institute focused on new applications of nanostructures and nanoparticles."

The July/August issue has ranking by state the amount of venture capital invested in nanotech and MEMS in 2005.


In order:






North Carolina



Rhode Island



They used a complicated ranking score in six categories that included number of deals, historical dollars, 2005 dollars, comparison to total VC dollars, and a couple of others.


Minnesota, Minnesota, where are you?

Local Political Blogs Make More News

Kind of like the weather, and the Twins, the political bloggers are warming up. A week or so ago I had this post Local Political Blogger Continues With The Big Scoop. A Minneapolis blogger and known republican broke a story on how one democrat had investigated the background of another and was forced to withdraw his candidacy for elected office in embarrassment.

Now it is a republicans turn to have an “oops” moment.

I found Kline Campaign Bungles Covert Operation on Looks as though a staffer or volunteer for Congressman Kline was on a rival blog, Dump John Kline, defending Kline and being a little rude. How do we know the alleged poster was from the campaign? They use Site Meter like most of us do and checked their referral log.

Oh, so you mean that even if I use a false name or post anonymously I can still be found? The domain name lists “”. See it here, "Klinefan" unmasked.

Where is Donald Trump? We need a good “Your Fired”.