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Minneapolis Wi-Fi Provider Chosen

A couple of local stories, Minneapolis picks Wi-Fi firm, Qwest protest fails to derail Wi-Fi project, and US Internet expected to win city Wi-Fi contract, on US Internet being picked by city staff to win the contract. While this does not guarantee US Internet will win the contract, and to use a football analogy, they are up by three touchdowns with the ball and it is the 2:00 warning in the 4th quarter.


Service will cost $20 per month, $30 for businesses, and will cover 95% of the city. A special modem will also be required at $75 or $5 a month to help with indoor service. A fund will be set up to help low income users.


Neighboring cities are talking about getting into the service too.


Of course Qwest is unhappy with the decision. I am one of the many former unhappy Qwest customers so in my mind, I call it even.


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