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Google Page Rank, How Do You Like Me Now

In yesterday’s post, More Northwest Airlines 101 Ways To Save Money, I mentioned that I have been a little overwhelmed with the response to the Northwest Airlines story. Overwhelmed is not the right word. Maybe shocked. I really had no idea that people outside of the Upper Midwest would care about it.


I had a couple of buddies yesterday ask me in regards to my visitor spike of the last week if my ego was getting large and if I still had time to have lunch with them. My response, in humor, was that I would have my people get back to them. I was busy working on my signature for all of those autograph seekers.


First, I have no “people”. Second, I should work on my signature because my writing skills are bad. It’s the only talent I have that qualified me for being a doctor.


Most important, I know that most people from Vegas, Miami, Portland, Dallas, Honolulu, Vancouver, and Moscow are stopping by just for the one item. I hope they found the information useful and of course I hope they come back again.


For those from local places like Eden Prairie, St. Paul, Eagan, and Woodbury I hope they found a lot of useful information and come back often.


I wrote a while ago about how my Google Page Rank went from 5/10 to 4/10 and that referrals from the search engine dropped considerably. Which was a small issue as most of my traffic comes from repeat visitors, local sites, and technology user groups.


Well the Page Rank went down but the Alexa ranking went up courtesy of the Northwest Airlines story.


I have been keeping track of my Alexa rankings since March. Back then I was around site 2,100,000 (3-month average). My 3-month average now is 706,246. My one-week average has been usually around 400,000.


Today, more like the past few days because they seem to be a day or two behind, I am site 50,550. The one-week average is 171,318.


This story has a shelf life of only so long but it is very cool to watch happen. Of course I hope some have added me to their favorites or RSS Feed. Which by the way during this time went from 65 to 398.


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