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Avoid Marrying A Career Woman

So says Michael Noer at If you have not yet heard about this, Mr. Noer wrote an opinion piece earlier this week “Don't Marry Career Women” that caused such turmoil that took the story down. Taking down the article turned turmoil into a major storm and returned the story to the web site with a counterpoint.


Now they have both stories side by side with a new URL, Careers and Marriage.


Mr. Noer starts his opinion with this:

Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don't marry a woman with a career.

He says I should be OK as long my wife, who ever and where ever she is, makes less than $30,000 and likely does not have a college degree.


Now I know why I am single, internally I must have already known this and because most of the women I know are college grads making well more than $30,000 I have been protecting myself. Whew, mom will feel so much better knowing I was saving myself from future heartache.


Mr. Noer is an idiot.


I know some people, men and women, will agree with him. My observation is that it’s about what common goals you and your spouse have and how you work the individual ones in. Not about the man or woman but how it gets worked out between them. Besides, that would be like saying women should not be married to middle aged writers for business magazines because they have certain traits.


I wonder what Mr. Noer would think of that.


Elizabeth Corcoran, a lead writer for Forbes, started her rebuttal with:

Girlfriends: A word of advice. Ask your man the following question: When was the last time you learned something useful, either at home or work?

If the last new skill your guy learned was how to tie his shoes in the second grade, dump him. If he can pick up new ideas faster than your puppy, you've got a winner.

Read it for yourself and then click over to Reader Response to "Don't Marry Career Women" and you are sure to see some comments that will set you off…


Yvonne LaRose

Interesting. Where is this middle-aged writer? I'd like to meet him. I'm fully aware that you, MN Headhunter are 30-something and a recruiter.

Another qualification for these guys who are supposedly eligible (is Ms. Corcoran paying attention?) is their conversation rises mountains above their favorite episode of Seinfeld or Friends.

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