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MN Headhunter Goes Canadian

So to speak. For those of you familiar with the other “meaning”, the act of not wearing anything under your pants, I am more of a boxer’s kind of guy. See my Canadian friend? Taking up my own challenge of being a little less serious.


After seven days of trying to think of what to write on the Canadian Headhunter’s blog, The Recruiting Animal for the Blog Swap, I finally came up with something that was worthwhile. CH just put it up with a little commentary, I am the MN Headhunter and I am Funny!


He asked if I wanted to add a picture and I said it was up to him. Unlike the plain text I seem to go with CH adds pictures to his posts. I was willing to go with a roll of the dice and see what he would come up with.


Can you say, Purple Rain and First Avenue? Yes, Prince (somebody get him a web developer!!!) has now gone Canadian too. No, I do not know his preference.


Canadian Headhunter

a) I never heard that meaning for going Canadian. It must refer to Manitobans.

b) change the colour of your links. Pale grey is hard to read. IMNHO

MN Headhunter, Paul DeBettignies


Citizens of Toronto are more civilized than their Winnipeg cousins?

Links, I appreciate the feedback. The whole blog is getting a makeover so I will add that to our list of things to change.

Thanks again for letting me be a contributor.

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