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Minneapolis Aquatennial Kicks Off

The “ten best days of summer” as the Minneapolis Aquatennial is known might want to change it’s tag line this year to the “ten most damn hot days we have seen in many years”. The festival started its 67th year yesterday and the evening finished with Semisonic as the headlining band at the block party.

Besides the block party I have two favorite events, the milk carton boat races and the fireworks show. I did not make it last night or tomorrow but I for sure will be in attendance for the fireworks.


Why? Well, besides the fact that I am a sucker for any fireworks show but this one is the largest show west of the Mississippi and has 100,000 lbs.+ of material to shoot off. Oohhh. Aaahhhh.


Fireworks, sports, art, sand castles, music, food, a parade and more, what’s not to like? I mean besides the 100+ heat index.


For all of you who talk about how cold Minnesota is you should be here this week.


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