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ePrairie Changes Name To

I have been a subscriber of the newly named daily email on Midwest business news for many years. They also have really good daily articles of their own. I prefer the weekly networking tips (most of which I already know and practice but serves as a good reminder) and Raising Minnesota written by John Katsantonis.


Below are some of the best since April:


Stand Out in Networking Circles By Becoming a Subject Matter Expert


Perspective Following BIO 2006: The Midwest as Innovation Central?


Eight Midwest Tech Researchers Recognized By MIT in Honor Roll


Q&A: Intellext CEO Al Wasserberger on Smart Bet Charity Poker


How to Turn Simple Networking Snafus Into Effective Techniques Midwest Technology Business News


Book Shows How Upstart Computer Company Beat IBM at Own Game


Indiana Gov. Daniels Announces $105 Million Venture Capital Fund


New Book From Former CDC CEO Walks Readers Through Innovation


Midwest Retains Dominant Role in World Medical Device Market


Perfect Simple Business Networking Gestures With Practice, Patience


Former CDC CEO Price Walks Techies Through Seven Steps of Innovation


‘Freakonomics’: Incentives Are Cornerstone of Modern Life For Entrepreneurs


Leverage the Power of Sports For Summer Business Networking


A Time to Make Friends: More Partnerships in Biotech, Med Tech?


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