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USA Begins World Cup Action

It’s about time. World Cup 2006 is four days into the tournament and I have enjoyed watching the rest of the world play, there have been some great matches.


It’s time to see what we have in this team. There has been much said about the swagger of this USA team, the #5 world ranking, and was 2002 a fluke.


The US finds itself in the “group of death”. For those non-soccer fans that title goes to the toughest of the six groups. With today’s game against the Czech Republic and upcoming ones with Italy and Ghana the goal may not be to win the group but just to move on.


While there is a need for a strong US offense there is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of goal keeper Kasey Kellar. Kasey lives less than 20 kilometers from the stadium they are playing in today. Hopefully it gives him some home field advantage


My neighbor is in the stadium this morning (evening there) and is a participant in Sam’s Army. No doubt the Czech’s will have a crowd larger in number but I look forward to hearing the US fans and seeing their red shirts.


And so it starts…


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