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Tech Employment 2.0

Over the next week I am going to be writing a series of posts on the state of the job market for technology professionals. Recently there have been plenty of surveys, news stories, anecdotes and pr releases that are starting to paint a picture of hiring circa 1999, right before the insanity hit.


I am not suggesting that there is a coming bubble but I will be suggesting that the market is clearly heating up.


For companies that are being proactive in their hiring and offering reasonable benefits and positive work place conditions this is good news as the candidate pool is looking ot make a move.


For companies stuck in the early 2000’s mentality of “you should be happy you have a job here” that sound you hear is your staff boxing up their personal items. They may not be on their way out the door but they are one job ad or one phone call from a friend away from taking the box with them at the end of the day.


I hope it does not get as crazy as the dot-com era. As we learned that was unsustainable and frankly unwarranted. Not all technologists are looking for the cappuccino machine and afternoon foosball tournaments but they clearly are looking for challenging opportunities, better pay, more flexibility, and have a seat at the table when business decisions are made.


It does need to be pointed that some regions of the country are further down this road than others and that some parts of the tech industry are still slowly recovering. Stating that, some generalizations can and will be made.


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