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Highlights From The Recruiting Blogosphere

I did not post my reading list the last couple of weeks but I am back at it. From the past few days:


Jobster Acquires ( In case you missed the first time.


Online Remark Can Now Sink Job Candidate (Employment Digest) MySpace and Facebook users – I told you so…


Tips for College Grads Seeking Jobs (Secrets of the Job Hunt) Nothing new here but always a good reminder.


DC Region Leads Job Growth (…from the trenches) Washington, D.C. job market hottest in the large city market.


cheezhead’s shrm conquest sponsorship contest (Cheezhead) 48 bids and $7,101 later Joel Cheesman’s eBay auction ends.


Is Money an Effective Incentive for Outside Recruiters? ( Money motivated and looking for a roadmap to $100,000? Here it is. 50 and Fired Resources ( For the middle-aged crowd.

MN Headhunter Gets Noticed, Changes To The Site

Big news for me and the blog. Yesterday I was interviewed for the “Power Players” section of the upcoming August issue of Minnesota Business.


I admit that I was a little overwhelmed at first as there are many top-notch recruiters in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. But after thinking about the other things I am doing related to recruiting like the job search and networking seminars, forming the technology volunteer network, and of course the blog, maybe my story is an interesting one.


Yesterday I had a great conversation with Franki and Jim Durbin of Durbin Media Group. Jim is the same guy I write about all the time and his contributions to


The blog is a year old now and I am sort of bored with the way it looks. I have been thinking about building a corporate site but am going with an idea of adding an extra page(s) to the blog for the firm information.


Franki is a great designer and gets the blogging world. She will be working on a new design for the blog, something more corporate like without losing the blog feel.


What I had planned on being a summer project and debuting in September has now been moved up. With the article coming out in August everyone will see the new site.

What Motivates Me

An interesting insight into the motivation (financial) of many agency recruiters can be found at The formula to use to get there is accurate. I am not debating that. 


Is it about the cash? Absolutely. Is it the only thing? Not for all of us.


One of the main reasons I remain out on my own and working with a group of similar recruiters is flexibility. There were some very hard times during the recession and there was a lot of safety to be found working for one of the consulting. There were many days I thought I was nuts for staying out on my own.


But I can choose when to work and from where, what assignments to take and what locations to work. I keep my billings, after expenses of course. There have been many sleepless nights over the years wondering where the next placement was going to come from and when. Or worrying about why the fee had not yet arrived and then finding out the company was having issues.


For me it is risk/reward.


I have been asked why I did not go back to get my MBA. Uhh, well, I am already doing accounting, public relations, marketing and human resources work. Not always doing the tasks well and a degree might help with that but I believe in learning on the run. Literally.


Up until now my GPA with my Degree in Hard Knocks would be around 3.25. Not stellar, room to improve, but definitely worth it.


So what motivates me? Each day is different (and some days the answer is nothing) but here are the top answers:



Not Answering to “The Man”


The game



The ability to work around my volunteer schedule


Did I say Freedom? Now if I play my cards right I can get out of town Friday morning and get an extra day of fishing in…

MN Headhunter Updated

Today you will see I have added 12 Twin Cities Blogs. Five are related to life here in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Seven are related to politics in Minnesota.


This is a heavy election year with all state offices, congressional seats, and one senate seat up for grabs. I tried to balance the number of liberal and conservative sites. If by chance you are looking for more political oriented blogs you can find them at the Aggregator.


Dave's Picks 

Metroblogging Minneapolis

Minnesota Stories

twin city sidewalks

Inside Minnesota Politics

Martin Andrade Blogs

Minnesota Politics

Minnesota Campaign Report

Power Line

Minnesota Democrats Exposed

Minnesota Republican Watch

Minnesota Organization of Bloggers

I Will Live To Be 89

Whew, my birthday is coming up soon and I will be 36. I have found I have been taking stock in accomplishments a lot lately, what I want to be doing, leaving some sort of legacy. I was starting to think that at 35 I was just starting to get the hang of this thing called life (I have always been a bit of a late bloomer) but I also was thinking I might already be half done.


Courtesy of Jim Stroud’s post How long are you expected to live? I came across this Northwestern Mutual Financial Network site. They call it The Longevity Game.


After answering the 12 questions they predict I will live to see 89. Although, it was sort of ironic that was drinking a beer (a lite beer) and grilling a steak. The game asks about driving record of which I have a clean one. But they did not ask if you tailgate or other wise are prone to episodes of near road rage.


So maybe the number should be closer to 85.


I can take that. There are still a lot of things I want to do…

St. Paul Looking At A Wireless Network

Not only is St. Paul looking to go wireless but they may choose to own it as reported in this article, City wireless network could pay off.


Worth noting:


Springsted Inc., authors of the report, estimated initial startup costs at $7 million to $10 million. If wireless access were sold for $20 a month — a price that beats anything currently on the market — and a conservative 15 percent of potential subscribers signed on, St. Paul would start making money fast.


With that kind of revenue, the city could also give Internet access to the poor free, helping bridge the so-called "digital divide."


The St. Paul approach to funding the cost and owning it is opposite of the Minneapolis proposal which will allow a private company to build and own it.

May '06 Job Scene, National

Today the May employment numbers were released showing a much weaker than expected increase of 75,000 jobs and a decrease in the unemployment rate to 4.6%. Today’s less positive report and other recent less than robust economic reports may give the Federal Reserve enough data to pause their raising of interest rates.

The employment numbers for April and March (a second time) were revised downward for a total of –37,000.



Professional/Business +27,000

Health Care +19,000

Government +8,000

Mining +4,000

Construction +1,000



Retailers -27,000

Manufacturers -14,000


Average hourly earnings were up .1% from the estimated .3%.


National job gains:

December ’05, 145,000

January ’06, 154,000 (revised) 170,000 (first reported)

February ’06, 200,000 (revised again) 225,000 (revised) 243,000 (first reported) 210,000 (consensus number)

March ’06, 175,000 (revised again) 200,000 (revised) 211,000 (first reported) 190,000 (consensus number)

April ’06, 126,000 (revised) 138,000 (first reported) 200,000 (consensus number)

May ’06, 75,000 (first reported) 175,000 (consensus number)


National unemployment rates:

December ’05, 4.9%

January  ’06, 4.7%

February ’06, 4.8%

March ’06, 4.7%

April ’06, 4.7%

May ’07, 4.6%


Google Analytics and TypePad Account

Ha, finally, I got the invitation code for Google Analytics. I think I made the request back in November. A few years ago I used Urchin on a couple of different sites and was a big fan.


For MN Headhunter I have been using Site Meter, which has been a big help to me but there is more that I would like to know.


In an unrelated manner my plan had been to change from TypePad Plus to Movable Type this summer to get a more polished look for this site.


I just learned that TypePad Pro is compatible with Google Analytics.


Does anyone have some advice for me, should I just upgrade my account to Pro and use some of the features there to upgrade this site?