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A couple of weeks ago I had this post MN Headhunter Gets Noticed, Changes To The Site and mentioned I had a chat with Franki and Jim Durbin of Durbin Media Group.


The idea was that I wanted to have a cleaner look to this site and looking for a way to incorporate what would have been the search firm site into this site. The templates on TypePad are fairly good but I wanted something more professional.


I was thinking about picking up the MovableType service but knew that meant I would be spending many, many hours trying to figure out how to make it work for me.


Franki, Jim and I get on the phone and Franki says (in the tone most of us do when we are excited but a little uncertain what the reaction might be) “So what do you think?” I had just turned my computer on and was waiting for my email to open up so I could get to the link.


So we continued the conversation and she was explaining how and what her ideas were. During this I had clicked on the link. She finished and there was that eery silence that sends shivers down the spine when you are waiting to here that either you are on the mark or way off.


RIGHT ON, Franki is a star. She was able to pick the random thoughts out of my head and put together a great design. See, I was going to look at other blogs and make notes on design, font, colors, etc so she would have an idea of what I like. But no, I got so busy with other things that I never got to it.


Somehow she knew what I was thinking and nailed it. There was nothing I wanted to change.


Today Franki, Jim and I had a follow-up as now seeing the design I had some more things I might want to do like add a Recruiter Jobs Page. A place where companies and agencies can post their recruiter jobs in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This way I can better help my friends than the email I have been doing. There are a couple of others that for now will remain a secret. Shhhhhh, we can’t give it all way yet…




Yesterday I had my “photo shoot” for the August edition of Minnesota Business. I was feeling very uncomfortable and had all of these things and more running through my head: not sure how to stand, is the tie on straight, do I have a good side, what to do with the hands, in the pockets or out, one in and one out, both in, both out.


I was thinking about the people walking by who were looking at me. They were thinking (because I swear I could read their minds) “who is that fool and why is he getting pictures taken?”




There have been a lot going on the past few weeks, which is why my number of posts have declined. When asked how I am doing I have two responses, analogies really.


The first is that if I were a professional juggler I would be fired. Of the eight balls that should be in the air five of them always seem to be on the ground.


The second is a movie from the mid-90’s, Keanu Reeves in Johnny Mnemonic. The movie is set hundreds of years in the future and Keanu is a courier that has data uploaded into a chip in his brain. Too much data is on the chip and it starts to “leak” out of his brain. Not literally and you don’t see any seepage but figuratively speaking it would kill the character.


That’s exactly how I have been feeling. Nice image, eh?


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