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MN Headhunter Gets Noticed, Changes To The Site

Big news for me and the blog. Yesterday I was interviewed for the “Power Players” section of the upcoming August issue of Minnesota Business.


I admit that I was a little overwhelmed at first as there are many top-notch recruiters in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. But after thinking about the other things I am doing related to recruiting like the job search and networking seminars, forming the technology volunteer network, and of course the blog, maybe my story is an interesting one.


Yesterday I had a great conversation with Franki and Jim Durbin of Durbin Media Group. Jim is the same guy I write about all the time and his contributions to


The blog is a year old now and I am sort of bored with the way it looks. I have been thinking about building a corporate site but am going with an idea of adding an extra page(s) to the blog for the firm information.


Franki is a great designer and gets the blogging world. She will be working on a new design for the blog, something more corporate like without losing the blog feel.


What I had planned on being a summer project and debuting in September has now been moved up. With the article coming out in August everyone will see the new site.


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