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Happy 1st Anniversary, MN Headhunter

MN Headhunter is celebrating its first year this week. The actual first posting(s) was May 21st, 2005 so really I am 3 days behind but who’s counting.


A blog turning a year old seems anti-climactic. How do you celebrate? Punch and cake, fireworks, how do you invite friends over?


Hopefully before I get out of here tomorrow afternoon (checking out early for the holiday weekend) I can get my press release put together and announce a couple of new things.


As of the 21st I had 240 entries, which could have been more if not for last fall when I did not post for almost two months and instead did many postings in one. I have learned that it is easier to add content every day versus trying to catch up with many in one day. I said I learned it that does not mean I will practice it.


I also have learned that I have more to say and talk about than I thought. Which my friends will find crazy that I could talk, think or analyze more than I already do.


There is still a lot of ground to cover, topics to bring up, and things to add. I think I am finally figuring out what I want to do with this.



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