Ernst And Young Recognizes Local Entrepreneurs
Happy Equal Pay Day

Time For The Spring Evaluation

Three times a year, December, April and August, I come up for air from the daily grind of the recruiting game and look for an idea, a technique, a thing that I can incorporate into my daily routine.


I am going through all of the newsletters I have not fully read and links to web sites I “meant to get to”. I did not come up with any earth shattering ideas yet but I did find the following articles from Net-Temps that have me thinking for one reason or another.


Staying On the Phone When You Don't Want To


23 Ways a Researcher Will Help You Make More Placements in Less Time


All It Takes: Twelve Good Calls a Year


Low Cost Marketing Ideas


Low Cost Marketing Ideas


Recruiter's Nightmare: The Job Description


Ten Ways to Attract More Business


What Raising a Teenager and Running an Organization Have in Common


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