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This comes from the UK and yeah I know this does not directly relate to being a recruiter although in some twisted way it certainly may impact the hiring process.

I have been looking for some information on interview styles, who does them better men or women, does age of the interviewer matter, and came across this story from the BBC, Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness. Oh, and I am doing this as a favor for a client who is curious to see if it matters.

Here is the opening to the story:

Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man's decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests.

No kidding. Look, it should not be this way but I believe most men, I of course am not one of them, are just a step above “cave man” status. Men, myself included, are fairly simple creatures so this study should not shock us. Although, it is nice to be able to note a study even if the measurement of testosterone is suspect.

Here are a few more quotes:

The suggestion is that the sexual cues distract the men's thoughts, preventing them from focusing on their task - particularly among those with high natural testosterone levels.


The men's performance in the tests showed those who had been exposed to the "sexual cues" were more likely to accept an unfair offer than those who were not.


The men's testosterone levels were also tested - by comparing the length of the men's index finger compared to their ring finger.

If the ring finger is longest, it indicates a high testosterone level.

I can just imagine all of the guys looking at their hand right now…

Finally, once again women are proven to be more evolved than us guys:

The researchers are conducting similar tests with women. But so far, they have failed to find a visual stimulus which will affect their behaviour.


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