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Networking, Give Back and Stay In Touch

Back in March I accepted an invitation to speak to two leadership programs at the University of Minnesota, Tom Burnett Advanced Leadership Program and LeaderQuest.

The first program is named after Thomas E. Burnett, Jr. one of the heroes on United Flight 93. Tom was a graduate of the University of Minnesota. The program is made up mostly of graduating seniors. In this case most of the students are heading to graduate school or have already accepted their first job after graduation.

LeaderQuest is made up of sophomores and juniors.

Our topic was networking with some job search tips sprinkled in. We had about 90 minutes and covered a lot of ground.

Prior to the event I had asked what they wanted to know. I was pleasantly surprised with one of the questions, "How do you show appreciation to someone who has helped you, been a mentor to you".

I had a few responses (these are universal whether you are in college or in the workplace for 20 years):

-A simple thank you always covers it.

-Ask the mentor how you can be of help to what they do professionally. (You may not be able to but ask)

-I have learned that most people who volunteer or mentor do so in multiple places at the same time. Ask if you can volunteer with them or if there is a group they know that can use you.

-When you have the chance, do the same for someone else that was done for you.

-Stay I touch once or twice a year. Send a card, an email, something with an update.

There are others that I had but these are the five that are the most important.

Especially the last two.

One day, give a hand to someone like it was given to you and stay in touch. If a bond was formed it will last well into the future.


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