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Developing The IT Volunteer Network

Very timely post from my friend Jim Durbin on referencing Guy Kawasaki’s post yesterday on developing online communities.

As my plan to form this volunteer network continues to be formed in my head and what I write down at 2 am when not sleeping it is almost done. This weekend I will be reaching out to trusted friends and members of the non-profit community and ask for their feedback.

Next week I will be contacting trusted friends in the IT community here in Minneapolis and St. Paul and ask they do the same.

I am getting close to launching this. In the mean time I have continued to post needs of non-profits, including a few full-time paying jobs.

I have a biased plug to give on behalf of Jim Durbin. He gets online communities. He gets networking. He gets building relationships. Most of all, he is a good guy. I wish him well on his new venture and look forward to his future writings.

More on the volunteer network next week.


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