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And The Winner Is... Guidant Shareholders

The Guidant Saga Continues And The Clock Is Ticking

I was thinking about using the analogy of a soap opera and “As the World Turns” for this blog posting. I guess I could have used “Days of Our Lives” and the hour-glass.

I have been asked why I write so many posts about the Minnesota business scene. Well, as a recruiter these things impact employment, hiring trends, and a large talent pool and who wins the battle for Guidant may greatly impact the med-tech folks in our area.

Thursday Boston Scientific announced a new offer that had a Friday (today) 3 pm central time deadline. It was then extended to 5 pm, which was later rescinded back to 3 pm when CNBC reported a rumor that Guidant was on the phone with Johnson & Johnson trying to get a bigger deal. We are coming up on that mark right now and by the time I hit post will be a shade after 3 pm.

Thousands of employees in our area are involved and many companies that service them too. Many of speculated, including me, that if J&J gets Guidant does Boston Scientific go after St. Jude Medical?

Tick, tick, tick, tick….


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