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Job Search Tip, Resume.doc Does Not Get My Attention

Job seekers, candidates, anyone looking for a job, please help your friendly recruiter, headhunter, human resources or hiring manager by doing this one small thing.

PLEASE do not send your resume with an attachment called resume.doc. It may work well for you on your hard drive but we all have hundreds or thousands of resumes.

This week I received more than 20 resumes with something close to resume.doc. I then resave the resume with the persons name and other identifiable word like “Unix Admin”, “Sales”, and “Cold Fusion”. When I read it I add a number that coincides with my ATS so I know the resume has been read and entered into the system.

This is also a marketing technique for you. I read resumes that are easily identified first. “JaneDoeSolarisGuru.doc” gets my attention. How about “JohnSmithRUPPM.doc”, that will certainly get noticed sooner than later.

Yeah, I am a little cranky today…


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