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ipHouse Files For Bankruptcy

Business Journal with an article that Minneapolis based ISP ipHouse has filed for bankruptcy. The article mentions debt from the GoldenGate acquisition, issues with Qwest, and meeting payroll. They plan on restructuring their debt and are continuing the operation.

After reading the article I was reminded of a not so friendly entry by Matt Noah of NetSuds in his September 2004 newsletter, see 9.0, on the customer service provided by then management, now management of ipHouse.

Speaking of VISI, note the subtle name change after the acquisition by Digital North, I had another great experience with them Wednesday. I had an issue I caused and it took two email messages and about 20 minutes to fix. They helped me out a couple of months ago set up the domain, domain mapping with TypePad, and an email account(s).

Looks like the customer service that Mike Sowada and Digital North were known for has carried over into the acquisition of VISI.


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