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ipHouse Files For Bankruptcy

Apprentice Posting At picked up my posting following The Apprentice Finale. Rex at ended up with 60+ postings from his Crutches Stumbles.

I have found some of the postings at MNspeak and other places to be more emotional than rational. More based on race and gender than qualifications. I still think Donald Trump, The Apprentice, NBC, and Rebecca Jarvis are the clear winners in this.

I think it was unfair to ask Randal Pinkett “the question”. Any attorney will advise you to never ask a question you do not already know the answer to.

That one question turned Randal from a worthy apprentice to near villain status. Completely unfair.

KARE 11 TV, local NBC affiliate, interviewed Rebecca right before the holidays. Rebecca was in Minneapolis visiting family and friends and weighing her options. Rebecca also taped a segment for Whatever, a KARE 11 show that airs on Saturday mornings and is aimed at the under 18 crowd.

Here is another link to Rebecca’s site, In the News, where you can find stories and press releases in her younger days.


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