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And Their Off… Part 2 And Bloggers Beware

This is two for the price of one.  The first, aahhh yes, politics is warming up in the great state of Minnesota.  The second is something for bloggers of all sorts to pay attention to.

Last Wednesday a story broke about Blois Olson of New School Communications suing Michael Brodkorb who up until the filing of the lawsuit was a “masked blogger” writing at Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

Apparently Mr. Olson and New School Communications felt defamed by Brodkorb.  The story gets better. See Coleen Rowley, remember her as the FBI “whistle blower”, is sort of involved too.

So now we have the battle of the blogs, New School vs. Minnesota Democrats Exposed.  Rex at MNspeak had a posting and some community comments too.

The Star Tribune has run this as the main story, this from their own blog guy as a story on the blogs themselves and now this in the editorial section from Mr. Olson on Saturday.

As for bloggers of all types this story gets into 1st Amendment protection, libel law, and attorneys. This will be something to watch politically and maybe legally.

If nothing else this is shaping up to be a chaotic election year…


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