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November 2006, Phone And Internet Service

When I moved into the new space I had the option of using the phone service provided by UTEC or another provider like TDS Metrocom or Qwest. At UTEC they do not have a contract for the phones but you cannot take the number with you when you leave. No portability.

I had been with TDS Metrocom since 1998. My contract ran out long ago but I stuck with them anyway. I have never been thrilled with the customer service from Qwest. The problem I had with TDS is they continually sent me offers to sign a contract and I could get a cheaper rate.

I had already been a loyal customer. They should have given the rate without the contract.

They were not loyal to me, so I left.

I ended up with Vonage.

They were easy to work with. It took about 15 minutes on the phone to get the service ordered. It takes a few days to have the hardware sent but they tell you that up front so you know what to expect. You can set up a Vonage account without ever talking to a person if you would like.

They are/were offering a small business plan that was equal to TDS and Qwest after figuring that long distance is unlimited. As a recruiter long distance even at .04 a minute can get expensive.

There are many services that they offer that I have become a huge fan of. For starters, when I go out of town I can bring my phone adapter with me, plug it into a high-speed connection, and it is as if I were in the office. Very nice.

When out of the office I can check online for caller ID and listen to voice messages too. Everything is online and so far, 60 days into it, I have not had any problems with the service.

In order to use Vonage a high-speed connection is needed.

I picked up a cable connection from Time Warner/Road Runner and the service has been great, no issues yet. I did ask about their digital phone, I prefer to write one check and have one point of contact, but they only offer it as a residential service. I also picked up cable TV.


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