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MN Headhunter Nominated For Best Third Party Blog At


The guys at have come up with a great idea, 2005 Best Recruiting Blog Awards. Jobster is sponsoring the awards and Hireability is offering a prize too.

This is great exposure for all of us and much thanks to them for putting the work into this. The blogosphere is home to many great industry blogs for corporate recruiters, recruiting, headhunters, job seekers, etc.

The category I am in is “Best Third Party Blog”. I am thrilled to be nominated as the others in this category and all of the categories have top-notch blogs.

While it is an honor to be nominated I am a competitive person. If you have a moment take a look at the other nominated blogs and cast your vote. There are two options for voting.

1) Go to and follow the links. You will see links of all of the blogs in each category. If you have not visited the site before I recommend this.

2) You can send an email to and put MN Headhunter in the subject line.


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